February favorites


February has pass by so quickly. I have been busy with Uni during January so February was dedicated to my enjoyement. I needed to relax and chill’ because January has been crazy and stressful. I have been loving some stuff in February, so let’s get on with it. One of my most used item in February was eyebrow pencil by Astor (shade – 081 Brown). I have never been fan of eyebrow pencils but this one changed my eyebrow game. It is really easy to use and it gives you very natural and soft brows. I have naturally thick brows so I don’t need a lot of work with them, but I think that this one would be perfect for anyone. Avon eyeshadow base is great. It makes eyeshadow colour pop and makes it stay all day without creasing. Its also nice to use just to hide imperfections on eyelids because it has tint to it. Shade name is „light beige“. Zoeva brushes are just perfect. They are the best brushes I have ever use. Soon I will do review of them so I won’t talk about this one a lot. Name of this brush is 231/Luxe petit crease.  My favorite lip combo this month have been Avon ultra glimmerstick lip liner in shade „simply spice“ and Rimmel provocalips 16hr kiss proof lip colour in shade 730/Make your move. Lip liner is really soft, applies very smoothly and it’s long lasting. Rimmel liquid lipstick is one of most long lasting lipstick I have ever used. I love shade, interesting thing about shade is that it looks different on all skin shades. My mum and aunt have it and it looks a lot different on them then me. But I think its plus, because its unique colour. This lipstick can dry out your lips so make sure you nourish your lips before using this one. I remove it very easly with make up remover. Hair favorite of the month has been Avon Advance Tehniques (Supreme Oils) duo treatment spray. This is amazing for dry hair, it nourishes and protects it. Sent is pleasant and it makes hair really soft. Its very important to don’t use too much, because it can make hair oily very quickly. Non beauty favorites this month have been this beautiful top by American Vintage and these sunnies I got from New Yorker. We have been enjoying gorgeous weather in February. It has been very sunny and nicely warm. Sunnies have this amazing pop of colour, which makes my outfits a bit more interesting than usual black – grey combos. This top is going to be essential for me in spring because it is amazing quality and very soft. Its cotton – viscose blend, so you know it is really comfy.


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