What’s in my bag ?


Today I was thinking what I should blog about. Decided that the best thing is to show all of you my favorite bag at the moment and some bits I have in there to keep me going during day. This lovely bag is from Carpisa, I got it 2 months ago and I’m still obsessed with it. It is absolutely gorgeous and it’s big enough for all the things I need during day. This bag is not my usual Uni bag. I need huge bag for my Uni, because I carry a lot of things to uni usually. If I have only lectures at Uni I can carry this bag and thats what I usually do. What I always have in my bag is some mints because I have to have these around, because I think that fresh breath is „must“ for everyone. I love this Orbit ones, because they are pretty healthy mints. They don’t have aspartam which is very important for me, because we all know that aspartam is very bad for our health. I need tissues and anti – bacterial wipes. They are just essential. One of must haves in my bag are some bobby pins and hair elastic. If you have long hair you know the struggle of having hair in your face. I’m one of those people who are always hungry and need to have snacks in bag. Also I need to have my cofee with some biscuits. Earphones are very important because we all need music during the day to help us survive daily things. These ones are from Carpisa also. Very interesting design and they are pretty good quality. Can’t you say that I’m obsessed with Carpisa stuff. They have been amazing with designs this season. One more Carpisa thing is the most beautiful wallet I ever owned. This one is from Carpisa limited edition collection. This collection is by Penelope and Monica Cruz and name is Capsule collection. Amazing quality and beautiful design. I will show you a bag from this collection in another post. Hand cream is important for me because I have very dry skin and with all the lab work at Uni I need it. I need powder because I have very oily T-zone and blotting during the day is essential. I love this one from Avon because it mattifies skin is second. Lately I have been loving Neurtrogena lip balm with nordic berry. It has really nice soft scent and its very nourishing. During day I don’t like applying lipstick thats why I always have lip gloss in bag. This one is by Flormar and I love the colour. It makes you look healthy and super fresh. I’m huge parfum lover, thats why I need to have some sort of parfum in my bag. This one is by Avon, it’s called Luck and it smells divine.


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