June favorites


It’s time for new monthly favorites. June has gone by super fast, but it’s time to enjoy July and make some good memories. There are some products  I have been using daily and loving through all month. I could not survive June without makeup setting spray and pressed powder. This two have been amazing for locking my makeup in place for long days. Such an amazing products for very good price. Astor eye shadow is such a quick way to make your eyes brighter and it can make you look fresher and well rested. Mask of June has been Planet Spa Oriental radiance. It’s peel of mask, very good for problematic skin because it helps with imperfections. It can make you look fresher and rested in 20ish minutes you have it on. Another Planet Spa favorite is serum for neck. I have been using it since I got it and I’m obsessed with it.  It is very light so it’s amazing for hot weather. It is also very moisturizing and feels amazing on skin. Balea deodorant has been favorite for I think three months so I decided to share it in this post. I love it mainly for scent, but it does the job of protecting as well. I used up three or four bottles so far and I’m still not bored of it which is quite surprising because I like to change products I use quite often. Style favorites of the month are this bracelet combo and grey „Days Like This“ T shirt. I love wearing grey oversized T shirts all the time. They are just perfect for chilled days when you wanna be comfortable and cosy. This one is very soft and super comfortable. These bracelets are my favorite jewelry of the month. I love how they look together and I got so many compliments on them because they are very shiny and classy as well. I have coffee favorite as well. I love coffee too much, I have about three cups a day which is very bad I know, but I’m trying to manage it somehow. This is cappuccino with coconut and white chocolate flavor. Oh my God, this is perfection. It’s very Summer appropriate because of coconut. It is delicious. That’s all from me today, hope you had an amazing month.


Vrijeme je za nove favorite, jun je gotov i vrijeme je da uživamo u julu. Većinu ovih proizvoda sam koristila svaki dan, jer su savršeni za tople dane. Dva proizvoda koja sam koristila bukvalno svaki dan su Avon fiksator i Rimmel puder. Ovo je idealna kombinacija kada želite da vam šminka bude dugotrajna. Astor sjena za oči je meni jedna od najdražih, jer je idealna za svaki dan. Najdraža maska za lice mi je bila Planet Spa Oriental Radiance maska. Idealna za nepravilnosti na koži, jer ih dodatno isuši, a koža ostane vrlo makana i nahranjena. Još jedan proizvod iz Planet Spa linije je serum za vrat. To je kao neka vrlo lagana gel krema za vrat. Od kako sam kupila ovaj proizvod koristim ga svaki dan, jer je vrlo lagan, a učini vrat vrlo mekanim i hidratiziranim. Dezodorans koji koristim svaki dan posljednja tri mjeseca je Balea dezodorans/Fresh. Mislim da sam potrošila četiri pakovanja i još uvijek mi nije dosadio miris. To je vrlo čudno jer ja volim mijenjati proizvode koje koristim vrlo često. Omiljeni style favoriti su mi siva majica „Days Like This“ i kombinacija narukvica koje sam nosila svaki dan, za svaku priliku. Meni jedna od must have stvari u svakom ormaru je siva majica. Uvijek izgledaju dobro, casual  i odgovaraju svakoj kombinaciji za dan. Što se tiče nakita koji sam voljela u junu, to su ove dvije narukvice. Izgledaju idealno zajedno, idu uz sve odjevne kombinacije. Pošto sam ja veliki ljubitelj kafe, odlučila sam da uključim u favorite i ovu kafu koju sam pila bukvalno svaki dan. Radi se o Frank kapučinu sa okusom kokosa i bijele čokolade. Apsolutno savršenstvo, vrlo kremast, idealan okus za ljeto zbog kokosa. Već sam potrošila dva pakovanja i ne namjeravam prestati kupovati, jer sam ovisna o okusu.

List of products

Astor Couture eyeshadow/130 – Cappuccino
Rimmel Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder
Avon Makeup setting spray
Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration with Mediterranean olive oil uplifting neck & chest serum
Planet Spa Oriental Radiance with white tea Energising face mask
Balea deospray/Fresh

Grey over sized grey T shirt/Days Like This


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