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Get Summer Glow


When it’s Summer we all want glowy, pretty tan skin. I decided to write a post about products that I think are essential for Summer body and skin care routine. The best way to make skin glowy and healthy looking is to exfoliate regularly. I use a lot of products for exfoliation but one that I like to use especially in summer is Dr. Pasha soap. This soap is the best for intense exfoliation. I use it once a week, or every second week because it is quite intense. Of course for summer you need deodorant. I decided to feature Dove deodorant, because I really like them even doe they have aluminium chlorohydrate in them. I don’t use them every day, but I do use them when I’m going to be all day out so I need extra protection. My favorite base in summer are bb creams. Some people like them, some don’t. I personally love using bb creams, because they are light, look like skin and they give nice glow which is much appreciated in summer. For moisturizer in summer I like light but efficient moisturizer. That’s why I feature Planet Spa gel cream. This is ultimate product for summer, because it is very light, moisturizing and gives skin so much glow. My favorite moisturizer to use under makeup. The best body lotions in summer are the ones that give glow to the skin. I love when I’m wearing dress in summer and I apply a little bit of shimmering lotion to my legs. Whole look is much better with that little step. Finally can’t forget about hair. I always say the best product for hair is oil. It gives so much moisture and glow to the hair. One of my favorites is Avon Advance Techniques Supreme Oils duo treatment spray.


List of products

Dove Silk dry deodorant 48h
Avon Skin So Soft mineral gems glamorous gold body lotion
Nivea BB Cream spf 10/light
Advance Techniques Supreme Oils duo treatment spray
Planet Spa Carribbean Escape with crushed pearls and Sea algae Illuminating facial treatment
Dr. Pasha Poppy & Cinnamon natural soap


5 thoughts on “Get Summer Glow

  1. I think that it’s the best to use gentle cleanser with as many natural ingredients as possible. Try to find something with chamomile or aloe vera, those ones are good for dry and sensitive skin. 🙂

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