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Everyday Autumn makeup routine


Last time I did „Everyday makeup routine“ was all about glowy, fresh and simple Summer routine. As we are in Autumn now, I wanna share with you makeup look that I’ve been wearing a lot. For me, every Autumn, I like to wear kind of simple smokey eye with nude lips.  I feel like Autumn is perfect for smokey eye because it goes with Autumn clothing and colors so well.


So, my everyday makeup routine wouldn’t be possible without Catrice Chocolate nudes eyeshadow palette which is perfect Autumn shades palette. My next post is going to be review of this palette so stay tuned for that. Of course without bronzer there isn’t a makeup look for me. But for Autumn and winter I like to use mat bronzer, because I don’t like bronzers with shimmer in Autumn/Winter time. I used Essence eyeshadow as a natural contour today. I like how easy it is to contour with this one. I needed to use neutral peachy blush, perfect one is Rimmel „Santa Rose“. For foundation I went super light with Essence pure Nude foundation. This is truly no makeup feel foundation. It is lighter even from BB creams that I used in past. For lipstick, I went with one of my favorite browny nude lipstick combo which is Essence lip liner in shade „In the nude“ and Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick „Notting Hill Nude“.

Makeup look


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