Products I’ve used up/Empties #2


Today I’m writing about my recent empties. These are products that I’ve used up in October so let’s talk about them.

Balea Deospray/Fresh 24 hrs protection
I have already talked about this deodorant. I love the scent a lot. I’ve used up so many of these so far. It is one of my favorite deodorants.

ZIAJA marigold face toner
This toner was really nice. I enjoyed using it day and night. It is really simple toner, calming on the skin. It doesn’t have any scent which is really nice for people with sensitive skin. I would buy it again.

Avon Advance Techniques Liquid spray wax
As I’m not the biggest fan of hair spray that’s why I always try to buy liquid products for my hair. This products works as good as hair spray without leaving hair harsh feeling. I really liked this spray for days when I want my hairstyle to stay in place. I would buy this product again.


Avon Naturals juicy moisture cherry blossom body spray
I love these body sprays from Avon. I have two new ones already. They have so many scent options, you can definitely find something for yourself. Super nice to use in summer to refresh. You can even use them for hair, when you want your hair to smell amazing.

Farmasi Refreshing face scrub/ Lime
This scrub is no good for your face. It’s just too harsh. It can make your skin super sensitive to other products. I didn’t like it at all for my face, so I use it on my body. It worked as body scrub but it’s not my favorite for that as well. I have so many other scrubs that work so much better. I wouldn’t buy this one again.

Playboy Play it Lovely Shimmering shower gel
Really nice shower gel. I liked it. I also really liked the scent, it was fruity and refreshing. I would buy it again.

Avon Ultra glazewear lip gloss/ Clear
I like lip glosses. I have them in every single color. Because I have dry lips, for me it’s an essential to have moisturizing lip product on hand always. This one was really nice. Non sticky and not too glossy which I really liked. I would buy it again.

Manhattan Ridge filler
I got this product because I wanted to use it as a base coat. I used it for that, but I wasn’t super happy with it. It was ok but it didn’t help with condition of my nails. Didn’t make them any stronger. As a base coat it was alright, but there is so many other that work a lot better. I would not buy it again.

My last empties post

That’s all for todays post. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which of these products looks the best for you and would you buy it. Thank you for reading.

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