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Makeup mistakes to avoid


There are no rules in makeup. You can literally do whatever you want and get away with it. But, sometimes we can all go too far and make some mistakes that can make our makeup look bad. I made 10 most common mistakes that I see girls doing with makeup and I though to talk about them today. Of course I don’t mean anything bad with this post, I’m just trying to help girls to make their makeup look perfect. So let’s talk about some makeup mistakes to avoid.

1. Forget to clean mascara stains
You wouldn’t believe how many times I saw girls having a lot of stains from mascara on their eyelids. It happens to all of us if we are in hurry or we just forget about it. But it looks really bad and it gives out very bad vibe. It is easy to take it off with Q tips and it literally takes 10 seconds.

2. Forget to powder skin
Even if you have dry skin you should use a tiny bit of powder on cheeks so your bronzer and blush blend nicely.  I used to powder just center of my face and then I realized that my bronzer usually looks blotchy. Powder help set foundation and create nice even base for blending products.

3. Applying dark lipstick without lip liner
This is a big no. I know that a lot of people don’t like lip liner. I used to be one. I though they are just useless, but my opinion changed. Dark lipstick can’t look good without lip liner, it just doesn’t work. Also darker lipstick can go over lips which never looks good. So, always line your lips with lip liner and then apply lipstick.

4. Choosing wrong foundation color
I know how hard it is to find a good match with drugstore foundations. They oxidize a lot and don’t have a big range of colors. But you can always fix this problem. If your foundation is too light you can add bronzer to make your skin look alive. If your foundation is darker you need to blend it down the neck and add a bit of bronzer to your neck. It’s not ideal to wear darker foundation because it can look odd, but you can fix it to look the best it can look.

5. Forget to blend foundation down the neck
As I said in previous one, this is very important step.  You don’t need to cake foundation on neck but go over neck area with foundation brush just so you balance face and neck tones. Adding bronzer to neck also helps, because it makes makeup look complete.

6. Making eyebrows too structured
We all know how important brows are. But some people go over board with them. Also, a lot of time girls choose wrong color, usually something too dark for them. I think the best way to do brows is to make them look as natural as possible. If they are too structured you can look quite scary and angry all the time, you don’t want that look am I right?

7. Not using eyeshadow base
This doesn’t have to be rule. But if you have oily eyelids or you wear makeup for really long time, you know how bad eyeshadow can look if you didn’t prep eyelids before. You can apply powder before eyeshadow and it makes amazing difference. I prefer how eye shadow looks with primer on, colors are vibrant and it last all day. So I would advice everyone that wears eyeshadow to get a nice primer because it makes all the difference.

8.  Not using makeup brushes or beauty blender while doing your base
I think that there is very small amount of girls that do their base without makeup tools. But this can be a big mistake, so I decided to add it to this list. I think that base need to be as flawless as possible. You can’t achieve that without makeup tools. I’m a big fan of beauty blender or beauty sponges because they make foundation look so natural on skin which is my preference when it comes to base.

9. Not blending properly
I think that everyone  knows this. Your makeup can’t look good if you don’t have nice, good quality tools to blend products. From eyeshadow to bronzer, blush, highlighter, everything needs to be blended. I know it can be annoying sometimes but take a bit of extra time to blend because you’ll look a lot more put together than without this step.

10. Not moisturizing before doing makeup
This one is very important, I think that there isn’t a lot of people that skip this step. Mostly people with oily skin forget to moisturize before. It is really important to moisturize because you need to protect your skin. You don’t want flaky skin with foundation on, it doesn’t look cute. Also, if you don’t moisturize you allow your skin do „drink up“ foundation which is not good for your skin or any makeup look.

This is all for today’s post. I hope it didn’t offend anyone, it’s here to help. I didn’t know some of these mistakes before, but we grow and learn. Let me know if you have anything to add to this list that I forgot. We need to help each other out. Thank you so much for reading.


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