Birthday wish list

Hello everyone. Today I’m writing my first ever Birthday wish list on blog. My birthday is coming really soon so I was thinking what do I want this year and I came up with list of stuff that I want. So, let me tell you what are the things that I want this year for my birthday.

Cerruti 1881 by Nino Cerruti – 100ml

This is my signature fragrance. I wear this fragrance most often, it is my favorite. So I though that perfect opportunity to stock up with my favorite fragrance is my birthday.

Penelope & Monica Cruz bag

My favorite thing to shop for are bags. I love them, I love buying them, collecting. I feel like there isn’t an item that can elevate outfit as a bag can. So, for my birthday I want new Penelope & Monica Cruz bag to add to my collection. I still didn’t decide which one, because I’m in love with two of them. We will see.

Carpisa small umbrella

I need a new small umbrella for my bag. I feel like Carpisa does the cutest umbrella’s. I need one, I even don’t care which color, I just need one in my life.

Carpisa makeup bag

When I saw this one on the website I feel in love. Isn’t it stunning. It is super simple, but it is the only way I like my fashion to be. Simple but chic at the same time.

Nixon Kensington Leather watch/Color – Rose gold/Taupe

This is the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen. It has a combination of my favorite shades at the moment, I feel like it is perfect for my minimal chic style. It can add that chic effect to any outfit and that’s something that I need from accessories. I’m totally in love with it.

Wet brush/Gold

When I had my hair done last time my hair dresser used this brush, it was amazing. I have really knotty hair, this brush did an awesome job, without any pain. So I just need to add it to this list. Why I want gold one? Because it is super pretty and it would look amazing on photos.

Tesori d Oriente gift set

This is the last item on my list. I love Tesori d Oriente you guys already know. I feel like every single Tesori fragrance I love, they are just enough spicy and strong but in elegant and classy way. This set is limited edition product, so I feel like I’ll get it as a birthday present from me to myself. Is that weird? Does anyone do that, or I m the only one? Let me know !

This is everything from me today. I hope you enjoy this little post. I’m super excited for my birthday. Let me know which of these items from list you’ll like to get as well. Thank you for reading.


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