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Massive skin care Haul


Today I have a massive body and skin care haul. I didn’t realise I had so much stuff! I’ll need quite a lot of time to use all of these up, but I’m super excited to share my first impressions on these products. It’s going to be a big post, so make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of tea and relax. There  are so many products to go through. Ready ?

Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration with Mediterranean Olive oil line
(face mask, body butter and hair mask)

I love this line from Planet Spa. As we gradually move into the winter, it is important to hydrate your skin every single day. Face masks are an excellent way to achieve this. I use them once a week. It plumps and hydrates the skin so well, leaving it soft and tender. Previously, I wrote about body butters from Planet Spa, as I fully believe they are deluxe products that really pamper your skin. This one is amazing, very rich body moisturizer. I’ll be reviewing this line from Planet Spa very shortly, so stay tuned for more.

Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing with African shea butter hand, elbow and foot cream

This is an amazing, rich, nourishing multi-purpose cream that really makes your skin feel ‘premium’ at any given time. I really like using it during the cold seasons because my skin goes really dry, and this seems to come to my rescue every single time. It has yet to let me down. If you use it every day it makes skin soft and hydrated.

Planet Spa Treasures of the desert with Moroccan Argan oil restoring massage oil

Another amazing multi-purpose product. This is an oil that you can use for your hair, body and face. It is amazing as an all around skin care product. Not only does it smell lush, it is really nourishing too. It absorbs super quickly, so you can even mix it with foundation to add extra glow.

Naturals Purifying Tea tree & cucumber 2 in 1 cleanser and toner

This is a good every day cleanser. To be honest I got this because I liked the fact that it’s 2in1 product. I enjoy using it on day to day basis to give my skin a good cleanse. It is good for removing makeup as well. It has quite a strong herbal scent which can be a little bit overwhelming at first, but I got used to it quickly.

Naturals Purifying Tea tree & cucumber moisturizer

This works really nicely with a cleanser from same range. It’s a really simple, light moisturizer, which can be used quite a lot as it absorbs very quickly. I love to use it under makeup as a primer because I feel like it really protects my skin and creates a nice surface for makeup.


Naturals Sensational wild berries and pomegranate creamy yoghurt scrub

This is a very nice creamy body scrub. First of all it smells delicious, and I really get why they put ‘yoghurt’ in the name, it smells just like fruity yoghurt and looks like one. It has a combination of two types of beads, a big one and a smaller one. I feel like it’s going to be a really nice creamy scrub for my body, especially for the colder weather, because it’s creamy enough not to dry out my skin.


Naturals Cozy vanilla & sandalwood body mist and body lotion

I got this because of the scent. It smells so cozy, warm and irresistible. It’s perfect for the cold weather because of its spicy and warm feel. I love Naturals body lotions and sprays, they are one of my favorites and I have so many of these.

Neutrogena Visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub

This is a repeat purchase. I always have a tub of this one, because it is one of my favorite cleansers that I know is good and works with my skin. I only have good things to say about this cleanser, and I’d always recommend it to anyone looking for an effective cleanser.

Dove rich nourishment cream

Dove is one of my favorite affordable skin care brands. Unfortunately we don’t have a good range of Dove products is Bosnia. But almost all of products that I tried were amazing. This cream is a really rich, heavy duty moisturizer. It has helped my skin so much during the cold windy Autumn days. I usually use it at night to really pamper my skin.

Dove Purely pampering shea butter and warm vanilla scent beauty cream bar

This is the only soap I can use on my skin without drying it out. I sometimes use this for taking off my makeup, its really gentle for moisturizing the skin. Of course I don’t use it on eyes, just for face makeup. Also, I love using it for cleaning makeup brushes, because it leaves them soft and clean.

Dove DermaSpa Summer revived body lotion/Medium to dark

I already used up one of these lotions: it was in shade – Light to medium. It gives such a natural tan to the skin. The Skin is glowy and looks healthy and radiant. This is  amazing if you have a special occasion or event where you want your skin to be glowy and radiant. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t leave stripes or look uneven on the skin. They aren’t full on tanning products, but if you’re like me, and you’re afraid of tanners, this is great product to have in your stash.


Dove DermaSpa Goodness Silky body oil

This is one of my favorite products in this haul. It is a silky body oil that has a lot of gold shimmer running through it. It is beautiful. I think that this is a perfect Summer moisturizer that is perfect for warm nights when you want your skin to look perfect. Not only does it give a beautiful glow to the skin, it also smells like an expensive fragrance, so it’s an amazing product for special occasions.

Johnson’s baby oil

I don’t need to talk about this too much, it’s just an amazing moisturizer for body. Oils are very important for every skin care routine, this one works amazingly. If it’s good for delicate baby skin, it is good for you.

Septona daily clean moisturizing and soothing eyes & face cleansing wipes

I got these to take off my makeup. They work really well. These wipes are really soft on the skin, and  to take off makeup nicely, but they leave quite a bit of residue on the skin. It doesn’t bother me because I always wash my face after using wipes with a cleanser.

So, these are the products I got recently. I really did get a lot of stuff, but at the same time, I’m really excited to use all of them. Let me know which one of these looks the most interesting? Thank you for reading and my friend with helping me on this post !

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