20 Questions TAG and 20 things that make me happy


Hello everyone. Today I’m doing two new tags. I love reading this kind of posts because you can learn a lot about person this way. Lovely McKenz Morgan did these tags so I decided to do them as well. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Twenty Questions Tag

Things you cannot live without?
My family, friends and food hah.

Favorite makeup brand?
My favorites are Catrice Cosmetics and Essence, very affordable and amazing brands.

Favorite flowers?
Tulips all the way.

Favorite clothing stores?
My favorites are Mango, Bershka and S’Oliver.

Favorite Perfum ?
Cerruti 1881 by Nino Cerruti, it’s so amazing, I wear it all the time.

Heels or flats?
I love wearing heels, I love the fact that they give me so much confidence. But, for day to day basis I wear flats.

Do you get good grades?
Well as I’m in Uni, I really don’t care about grades but I do get really good ones.

Favorite color?
Favorite color for me is gray. Love all shades of gray to be honest.

Do you drink energy drinks?
No, I don’t.

Do you drink juice?
Yeap, my favorites are pineapple and orange juice.

Do you like swimming?
I’m pretty good at swimming and I love it.

Do you eat chips with a fork?
What kind of question is that? Of course I don’t.

What’s your favorite moisturizer?
I love so many brands but my favorites are light moisturizers from Naturals or thick body butters from Planet Spa.

Do you want to be married in the future?
Yes, one day. Still not thinking about it to be honest.

Do you get mad easily?
I get annoyed easily but not mad.

Are you into ghost hunting?
Never did it, never will.

Any phobias?
 I don’t have any phobias to be honest.

Do you bite your nails?
Nope I don’t.

Have you ever had a near death experience?

Do you drink coffee?
Yeah, I do. I love coffee, but not strong coffee.


20 things that make me happy

Having lunch with my family every day
Food, I know, so random
Watching Arsenal games
Buying makeup
Writing, it makes me feel really good
Spending a lot of time with my friends
Wearing something I bought for the first time, that feeling though
I love when guy is gentleman and treat’s you the way you deserve
Simple Serenity blog, it changed my life
Spa day, do I need to say anything more?
Summer beach parties, just so much fun
Vanilla and coconut cappuccino, you have to try it
Zayn’s new music, just so good, love it
Dancing, gives me a lot of joy
Buying bags, I don’t know why but I just love bags
Girls night out, everything about it is just amazing
Reading books, the best way to spend your free time
Having a big cup of tea
Holidays, the best time of the year
Doing my makeup, I love playing with makeup I guess

This or That TAG
The Autumn TAG
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That’s all from me today. I hope you liked this quick little post and you’ll do it as well. Thank you for reading.

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