Products I’ve used up – Empties #3


I feel like the best way to make up your mind about product is to use it up completely and then form your opinion. Sometimes I use up the product even though I don’t like it just to get my money worth, but usually I give it to family members or friends to see do they like the product, because we are all different. Today I’m writing about products that I used up, so if you wanna know my opinion about them keep reading.

Loreal Elseve Nutri-Gloss Crystal Shine Shampoo
I got this product when my hair was really dry and I wanted to make it silky and shiny again. I was really disappointed with this one. It didn’t give more glow to my hair, it didn’t make it softer or silky. Usually Loreal products are very good, but this one no. One more thing, I felt like it didn’t clean my hair, and sometimes I needed to shampoo it 3 times, which never happen with any other shampoo.

Loreal Elseve Nutri-Gloss Crystal Shine Conditioner
Same as shampoo I was really disappointed with this product. It literally didn’t do anything for my hair. I felt like I’m waisting my time using this one because I don’t see any difference. I tried applying it on dry hair and leaving it through night, it made my hair even dryer. So this two products from Loreal are just bad in my opinion.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear pink grapefruit facial wash
This cleanser is from my favorite line from Neutrogena. I love scrub, it’s my favorite. This one is good but I don’t like it as much as scrub. I feel like it cleanses skin nicely in morning, but after wearing makeup I didn’t feel like it cleanses well. So I used this one in morning, to just prep my skin for makeup. I won’t repurchase it because I have some other cleansers that work better.

Farmasi M’ilkey Hand & Body Lotion with goat milk and honey extract
This is first product that I liked from Farmasi. I had really bad experiences with their products but this one was ok. However I won’t repurchase it, because I have so many other moisturizers that are better. It is nice quick way to moisturize skin, but I feel like it didn’t give me enough moisture. It may be that my skin needs more moisture because it is pretty dry.


Originel & Essentiel deodorant/Isla Vanilla
This is my favorite brand of deodorants. However I can’t find it in local drugstores, so I suppose that they stop selling it. This one was really nice, warm vanilla scent. I enjoyed using it. It was really nice and if I get chance I would buy it again.

LUXE Volume extravagance mascara/caviar black
This mascara was really good. It is really thickening and voluminous. I pretty much liked everything about this mascara, I would definitely buy it again. Only thing that I didn’t like is that this one is hard to take off, so I needed to use eye makeup removing lotions.

Avon calming effects liquid concealer/fair
This was one of my most repurchased products. I don’t know how many did I use up. This is really nice moisturizing concealer. However it is not good if you have a big dark under eye circles because this one has really light coverage. I liked it for everyday because I don’t need a lot of coverage and it gave me a lot of moisture which is really important for me.


Catrice Cosmetics eye brow fixing gel/neutrally brown
This fixing gel lasted me for really long time. I wanted to buy it again because I really liked it, but it seems that it was limited edition. I really liked it, it gave a lot of hold for my very long eyebrow hair. It was really easy to re apply it during day because it didn’t build up on browns, so it was really nice product. I hope Catrice will make something similar to this one.

Empties #1
Empties #2

That’s all from me today. Hope you liked this post. Let me know did you try any of these products before or would you try any of these.

23 thoughts on “Products I’ve used up – Empties #3

  1. I love “empties” posts! They give nice incite into potential products that I should look for or look out for. I have noticed that it also makes me feel more purposeful when I buy and use my products. Maybe someday soon I will get around to writing an “empty post.”
    ❀ Alana

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