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The Entertainer Blogger Award


Hello everyone. I would like to thank Faded Rouge for nominating me for this exciting award! I love to do this kind of posts because they give me a opportunity to share with you all my personality which is sometimes hard to understand through regular post. So let’s do this amazing Award post.

The Rules:

  1. Write a post including the award picture
  2. Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring, and most importantly entertaining!
  3. Nominees will answer the same questions as the ones below
  4. Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  5. Answer the questions down below

What do you hope to gain from blogging?

It gives me so much joy, so hopefully I’ll enjoy doing this for years to come. I hope I’ll get better at English, learn more about photography and meet some amazing people.

What genre of film entertains you the most?

I love comedy. If a movie makes me laugh I’ll enjoy it and it’ll entertain me.

Do you consider yourself a writer, and what inspires you to write?

I kinda consider myself as a writer, because I work as a journalist. I love writing and spreading my opinion and thoughts.

Why did you choose your particular WordPress username?

I’m a fan of simplicity in everything. Also, I wanted my name to be quite unique and unusual, so I though „Simple Serenity“ sounded amazing.

What is your favourite book, and why does it speak to you?

I love hard to understand books, which give you a lot of knowledge. So, my favorite is Umberto Eco’s „The name of a rose“. It’s really hard to understand at first, but you gain so much from this book, that I think it is important to read it.

What is your favourite song, and why does it speak to you?

This one is super hard. But, my favorite is Beyonce „Flaws and all“. It helps me to realize that it is ok to make a mistake and have flaws, because no one is perfect.

What is your favourite photograph, and why does it speak to you ?

I think that makeup flatlays are always beautiful. I love this one, because not only it looks awesome, I feel like all of these items work amazingly together. I’m currently saving for the new camera, so then I will do more nature photography for sure.


I nominate

Mystery Blogger Award
The Real Neat Blog Award

Thank you all for reading this post. Hope you liked it. If I didn’t nominate you and you would love to do this post, let me know and I’ll add you on the list. Till next time !

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