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Essence Haul/First impressions


Hello everyone. Today I have new haul for you all. One day in our local drugstore we had 30% off on Essence stuff. Usually we don’t have good discounts for Essence because it is pretty affordable, but that was the day that everything on Essence counter was 30% off. Of course I decided to pick some stuff up, because I love Essence, it’s really good quality and affordable. Let me tell you my first impressions on these products.

Essence Camouflage 2in1 makeup and concealer High coverage no mask effect

I saw quite a few bloggers and you tubers talking about this foundation, how amazing it is. I wasn’t really into trying it out, but instead of picking up new concealer I decided to try this, that is supposed to be concealer and foundation. Also, color is very light, so I thought I can mix it with other foundations that are a little bit darker than my skin tone. It is really thick, but very easy to blend. It works as a concealer, because it has pretty good coverage. So far I really like it, I’ll keep you posted about this one. If you want I can do review on it. So, let me know.

Essence eye shadows – 19 – The Grammy goes Glammy and 20 – Rosy happiness

I don’t need more eye shadows, but I picked 2, because I really like these colors. The Grammy goes Glammy is gold champagne shade, that people usually use as a highlighter. I tried it as highlighter and it is insane. It gives so much glow, it is really intense. Shade Rosy happiness is shimmery dusty rose shade that I use as a shadow all over lid and it looks beautiful. You can mix these two together, to get like rose gold highlighter. I tried it and it is super pretty.


Essence make me brow eyebrow gel mascara – 02 browny brows

This is a repurchase. I need to find new good eye brow gel that will keep my brows in place, because they can get messy during day. This one is good for lazy days, when I don’t need my brows to be perfect, but as I said it doesn’t keep them in shape all day. It is good for people with shorter and sparse brows. I bought it again because it is super quick way to do eyebrows, as mine are super thick I don’t need pencil all the time.

Essence Multi action mascara

One more repurchase. This one was featured in previous post about new makeup. I really like this mascara, it gives really long lashes. I also love the wand of it, because it’s not messy and it’s really easy to work with. This mascara also gives a lot of volume to the lashes, it’s amazing.

Essence Shine & Color lipstick – 01 My first love

I have lipstick from this collection already in shade Cute nude. I use it all the time, so I decided to get new shade. This one is peachy nude shade, that looks really pretty and glossy on lips. I love these because they are super moisturizing and comfortable, which is very important for me because my lips can get super dry. Also these feel like lip balms which is amazing for me.


Essence Blush brush

I decided to try more brushes from Essence, because their eye blender brush is one of my favorites. Also I have some other and all of them are really good for the price. I wanted to get more because they are super pretty as well. Not only they are cute they work amazing. Super soft and they pick up product very well. They are quite small so, they are amazing for traveling.

Essence Powder brush

This one has different design. I’m using this one for powdering my skin and blending cheek products at the end of my makeup. It is really soft and good for blending. I also love design of this one, it is really interesting. I feel like this brush will be my favorite for powder from now on.

Previous Essence haul

That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which is the last product you got from Essence and do you like it. Thank you for reading.

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