Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining with black caviar extract line – Review


Hello everyone ! Today I’m doing yet another review. I really start to enjoy them even though I never thought I would. So today I’m going to review my favorite line from Planet Spa. I have all 4 products that you can find in this line so let’s talk about them. I’m really excited to tell you more about these products because they are amazing quality. I would definitely recommend these as they really make massive difference for me and my routine. All products look very luxurious in my opinion, I love combination of gold and black in packing. Packing is very good quality, soft to touch and really nice. They come in separate boxes also which is really nice and it feels more luxurious that way, which is really strange but I always love when brands put extra effort in the way they present the product. All products have the same quite strong scent, for me it is not scent that I don’t like but I would love it to be a little bit softer.

Face mask
This one is one of my favorite face masks which is such a bold claim because I have so many face masks in my stash. This is peel off face mask, it is like a gel with a lot of gold shimmer in it. It is really pretty on face, it gives a lot of glow. This one is quite strange to explain, it has a wonderful effect to the skin. It gives a lot of glow after you take it off, it kinda gives skin a bit of lift. It is really hard to explain what kind of effect you experience when you take it off. I love to use it when my skin is lacking glow and looks quite dull. It makes skin look very healthy after and definitely more glowy. You get 75 ml of product which is quite a good size. It is really easy to take it off and you need about 20 minutes for it to dry.

Hair mask
I’m always on hunt for a good hair mask. I love to add a lot of moisture and vitamins to my hair. This one does all of that, I really like it. It is one of my favorites that I used so far. It is really moisturizing. I love to use it before washing my hair, so I add quite a generous amount to my hair 2 – 3 hours before washing. My hair is really silky after, has a lot of glow and looks radiant. You get 200 ml which is more than enough. If you use it after washing your hair for like 5-10 minutes it helps with the overall look of hair, but I prefer to leave it on longer, because that way you get all of its benefits.

Eye gel mask
I never liked under eye cream/treatment before this one. I felt like most of them didn’t do anything. But, this one has change the way my under eyes look. It is staple product in my skin care routine. It is nourishing yet very light. I love the fact that it is gel, because it is light but it does amazing job at nourishing and protecting. It is really brightening, because it has a lot of purple shimmer in it. You can’t really see shimmer when you apply it, but you see a lot of difference before and after you use it. It is my favorite and I would definitely recommend it. You get 15 ml of product, which is a standard size for under eye cream.

Overnight facial treatment
If I need to choose my favorite product from this line, which is really hard because I love every single one, it would be this one. This is like a magic for your skin. I never saw a massive difference in any skin care product quite like this one. When you apply it before bed you don’t see any difference, but when you wake up in morning skin looks amazing. It is glowy, radiant, it does not have any redness, it’s like your skin has changed. It is absolutely awesome product. It is gel formula which is really light on skin. You can use it alone, or combine it with a moisturizing cream, it works great both way. It has a lot of tiny purple and gold shimmer in it which you can’t see on skin but I think that is the reason skin is glowing in morning. I would totally recommend this one, it is just amazing. You get 75 ml of product which last for a really long time, because you don’t need a lot of cream for whole face.

That is my review on my favorite Planet Spa line. I hope you enjoyed. Let me know did you try any of these products and do you like them. Thank you for reading.


14 thoughts on “Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining with black caviar extract line – Review

  1. It helps to calm down the skin, so if you have sensitive skin that is prone to redness this gel can help with that. Also it’s light, but moisturizing enough so it makes skin soft, smooth and hydrated. I hope this was helpful. xx


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