What I got for my birthday ?


Hello everyone. Today I’m writing post that is very popular in blogging world. It’s „What I got for my birthday“ and I’m super excited to share with you guys what I got. This post is not me bragging with new stuff I got, it’s just a new opportunity for me to say thanks to my amazing family and friends who bought so many awesome stuff for me, I love you all so much, thank you. Also, this can be an inspiration for you guys if you are looking for some birthday gift ideas, or some stuff for yourself. So let’s see what I got this year for my birthday. I feel like this is going to be pretty long post, so make sure you are comfortable, grab a cup of tea and lets start with all of the awesome stuff I got.

Tesori d’Oriente Royal Oud Dello Yemen gift set

This is super gorgeous set. It’s one of my favorites that I ever had from Tesori d’Oriente. In set you get a fragrance, luxury shower cream and lugage tag, which is super pretty. I love the scent of this set, it’s totally my style. It’s really rich, strong and spicy, which is my preference when it comes to fragrances. I love the packing as well, you can’t go wrong with combination of black and gold, it’s always perfect. I would always recommend Tesori d’Oriente fragrances because they are quite affordable and they last a long time on skin and clothes. This is perfect gift for me, because everyone knows how obssesed I’m with Tesori d’Oriente stuff.

The Wet brush/Gold

I wanted this brush for ages, but I couldn’t spend that much on brush. Honestly in Bosnia these are super expensive and it’s crazy to give that much money for a hair brush. But, this brush changed my life, literally. It is so good, if you have messy and tangly hair, you need this in your life. I will do review on this one soon, because I really need to talk about how amazing is it. This is from Holiday limited edition, and it’s water drop edition in gold if you want the same one. But I’ll do review so you’ll know everything about this product.


Hema Pure New wool jumper

Everyone knows how much I love pure wool jumpers. First of all they are super warm, you are never cold in these jumpers. You don’t sweat in them and usually they are really comfortable, at least they are to me. So I decided to get new one for my birthday, because these are such a good investment piece. I usually spend a little bit more on these items, because I know they will last for years. I love this one, it’s warm and cozy, the color is stunning rich chocolate brown, I love it. I already feel like this is going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe for years to come.

Tesori d’Oriente White Musk set

My friends and family really know me well as you can see I got more Tesori d’Oriente stuff. This is their Original scent, it’s I think the oldest scent they do. I really like it, it’s really deep warm scent. Tesori d’Oriente is famous for spicy, warm and strong scent, this one is also like that. It has notes of amber and white musk. It is really elegant and sensual, quite sexy as well. I love the fact that I got all of these, because they will be awesome for special occasions when I want to smell absolutely amazing. So I got fragrance, shower cream, body butter and deodorant. If you guys would love to read a review on these let me know and I’ll do it for you.

Primark home Screw Top Thermal Mug

My friend just got this one amazingly right. She knows how much I need a nice, fancy thermal mug, we talked about it a lot. The best thing is that she got one for herself as well, so we will be matching with our adorable but still classy mugs. I’m totally in love with it. It’s actually really good quality, it looks much more expensive, Primark did good with this one.

Nude pom pom and Kylie lipstick

I gotta say I’m in love with this pom pom, it’s so cute. It is amazing as a accessory for the bag and I really like the color of it. This isn’t the real Kylie lipstick, I just can’t spend that much money for a lipstick. The only reason I decided to get this one is because of the color. It is almost the same like Rimmel Provocalips shade “Make your move”. We can’t get those Rimmel lipsticks here, so I though to try this one. I need to try this one more to give you my opinion on it, so far it’s really comfortable on lips and it smells like chocolate which is always a plus.

Money and loads of chocolate

There isn’t a birthday if you don’t get loads of chocolate. I love chocolate, so for me this is always awesome gift. Also, money is classic gift for me at least. Because my parents usually love to give me money for something expensive I want to buy. So they helped me with my big purchase, that I decided to gift myself, haha. Yeap, I’m talking about my new camera.

Women Secret pack of underwear

I love gifts like this one. You always need new underwear and of course you’ll use gift like this one. These are awesome quality and really comfortable. I would recommend you to get pack like this one. It is a little bit on expensive side, but still it’s not too much, so I think it is worth giving more money on things like this. So far I feel like it is an amazing quality. Also, those are all neutral shades and very interesting prints and writing.


Tally Weijl red top

My friend got this one because it is totally out of my comfort zone. It’s red, I don’t wear red at all. If I’m going to wear red it would be a dress maybe. Also, this one has really interesting neck line. It’s not my style at all, but I will try to wear it in some interesting combinations. It’s pretty sexy top, I’m not used to wear that type of clothes but we’ll see.

Calvin Klein underwear set

This is one of my favorite gifts. Thank God I have awesome people in my life. I wanted these for such a long time. It’s totally my style, very casual chic. I love this set, I feel like it’s going to be amazing for lounging around house or maybe for work outs as well. These are in my opinion worth the money, because the quality is amazing and they are super comfortable. I already wore them couple times, washed. They look like I just got them out of the box. So, yeah these are expensive, but worth completely, in my opinion.

Canon EOS 1200D camera

This is such a massive purchase. I’m glad that I finally saved up enough money to get this one. In Bosnia these are quite expensive, but I got it in Sweden, for a little bit less money. I’m really excited to start using it, because I want my blog pictures to get a lot better and quality in general. I will need some time to get used to this one, so next couple of posts will be pictures from my phone, that I made before. But, soon there will be a lot more fashion posts as well, because I want to add that aspect as well to this blog.


We are done, after a lot of reading. Those are all gifts I got for my birthday. I was super spoiled this year to be honest. I gotta say thanks to all of my amazing family and friends for all of these lovely gifts. I can’t believe that I got so many stuff, that I absolutely love. All of these gifts are so amazing and beautiful, thank you all. I’m looking forward to use them in future. Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed this pretty long post. I can’t wait to use my new camera more, I’m super excited that I finally have really nice professional camera for my blog. In future you can expect a lot more of fashion content, because now I can really make more outfit post. Thank you for reading.

26 thoughts on “What I got for my birthday ?

  1. I would be happy to get underwear as a gift – super useful! 😀
    Glad you got The Wet brush, I have it in purple, yours is so fancy!
    And wow, the camera!
    Happy belated birthday!

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  2. Happy Birthday Azra! And congrats on the camera purchase!! I’m slowly saving for one and hangin out until I can finally get it! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. belated happy birthday Azra 😀 And you’re so lucky to have such a great family and frineds . The gifts are so amazing and lovely ❤ <

    Liked by 1 person

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