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Pamper time/Home spa

We all love good pamper time. It’s very important to papmer yourself regularly, we deserve it after long busy days at least once a week. Here are my ultimate products to use for a pamper night at home. Starting with bath, no bath time is complete without some Lush bath bombs. This one is Lush „Honey Bee“ bath bomb which smells divine. Sometimes I like to make bath cocktail so I add more products to my bath. Avon Planet spa Caribbean Escape Luxurious bath elixir is amazing. Smells beautiful, it has sparkles, makes bubbles and bath water super soft. If I had to choose I’ll say this is ultimate Pamper night product.

Face mask is from same line, its comfortable on skin, smells perfect and it also has sparkles in it, so it leaves your skin super glowy after. After bath and mask its time to moisturize your skin. In this Planet Spa collection you can find beautiful body butter. I already used one like this and its perfect, so I needed to get new one. Super moisturizing, perfect for summer nights because it leaves skin glowy and super soft, it also smells like an expensive fragrance. Face gel from this collection is super easy, light moisturizer. I also like to use it before doing my make up, because it illuminates skin, makes it super glowy and dewy. I think that this face gel is going to be my go to spring/summer face moisturizer.

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