Wet Brush Pro Holiday Water Drop Hair Brush in Gold Review


Hello everyone. Today I have new review for you all, it’s about the best hair brush I have ever tried. Honestly guys this brush is amazing, I never tried anything as good as this one is. Mine is gold of course, because I’m basic like that. I just wanted to get gold one because I thought it is beautiful and it will look gorgeous on pictures. I got the big one in limited edition collection. It is 13.99£, which is a lot to be honest, especially when you convert it to Bosnian money, but I think it is worth it. I have full name of product in the title. I got this one on lookfantastic website. They have awesome sale right now but there is not a lot of colors left. Current price of this brush is about 10.45£. I have to recommend them, my brush came in one week time form UK to Bosnia, which is pretty fast. Also they have 15% coupon code which makes brush little bit less expensive and free delivery. To be honest that is amazing and I would recommend to check them out. Let’s talk more about this amazing brush.


First off, it is absolutely beautiful, I know. I just needed it to be gold, I just thought it is super pretty, but there is plenty colors to choose from. In this limited edition collection they have pink, purple, red and blue also. So, there is something for everyone for sure. The brush is really light, I thought it’s going to be heavier for some reason. The bristles are very thin and long, which makes brushing out hair super easy and quick. Also, it is super comfortable to hold it, because the shape is really nice. I’m very happy that I took it in gold, because it is super shiny and looks like mirror. So, it’s like having brush and mirror at once. Also I really like this design with “water drops”. It makes brush really unique, it looks beautiful on light, because it is shinning.

I have super tangly hair. It takes me about half hour to brush through it. It is really painful sometimes and super annoying. Actually my hair dresser used this brush when I got my last hair cut and balayage. I couldn’t believe how easy she brushed out my hair. That is the moment when I decided to get this brush. I mean I know how much of hype these have, but I’m not the one to believe hyped products, because they usually disappoint me. But, I’m telling you this one is awesome and deserves all the hype and praise. It takes me about a minute to brush out my hair right now. It saved me so much time and I’m finally pain free from brushing my hair.

Finally I have to say that this brush is absolutely amazing, you have to try it if you have tangly hair. It is quite expensive especially in my country but I do feel like it is worth it. Because not only it saves me so much time every time I wash my hair, it is pain free and I feel like it makes my hair much more sleek and softer. I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone with tangly hair or if you want to make your hair healthier and softer, or just to protect it.

That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know did you ever try this brush and what do you think about it? Thank you so much for reading this post !


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