I love Winter TAG


Hello everyone. Today I have a new Tag for you all. I love tags, they are super fun to do and read as well. Thanks to the lovely Shri from Personalogues for tagging me to do this. I love Winter, so I’m glad I can do this. I also did Autumn Tag, so you can check it out here. There is so many awesome questions in this tag, so let’s do it.

1. Favorite lip product?
For Winter I like something moisturizing and comfortable, because my lips go super dry during Winter. My favorite for this season is Essence Shine and Color lipstick in shade Cute Nude.

2. Favorite drink?
I would say hot chocolate. Gotta love hot chocolate man all year around. If I’m feeling sleepy or tired, I like coffee and cappuccino as well.

3. Favorite nail polish?
I have been feeling clear nail polishes this winter, which is strange, but I love how simple and easy it is. My favorite is Essence Studio Nails Anti Split nail sealer, which is nail polish and treatment at the same time. So I love it and would recommend it for sure. It also lasts for about 4 days on nails, which is amazing.

4. Favorite candle?
I’m not a massive candle person. I like to burn them, but not all the time. I don’t have favorite one, but I do love really comforting warm scents.

5. Favorite attraction?
To be honest I don’t know. I like cozy, simple and comfortable places, where I can chill’ and have a good time. So, it really depends on my mood.

6. Favorite accessory?
Bags all the time. I’m such a bag person, I love them. This winter I have been obsessed with the newest bag to my collection which is bag from intro picture, I love the style and color of it. It’s currently my favorite thing.

7. Favorite candy?
Chocolate with coconut.  My friends and me can’t have a coffee without this chocolate, it’s really unhealthy but soo good.

8. Favorite movie?
I love The fast and furious saga. I watched every single movie from this saga about 4 times. I can’t wait for new one to come out, which is The fast and furious 8. I can’t wait literally.

9. Favorite blush?
I feel like I don’t have favorite one. I own so many blushes that I don’t have favorite one. But, favorite of the moment is Essence Silky touch blush in shade “Kissable”.

10. Favorite things to do?
Having cup of coffee with friends and chatting, taking pictures, watching movie with a big cup of tea or hot chocolate, reading a good book, dancing with my favorite music, favorites at the moment are The Weeknd and Zayn Malik.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this tag. I had such a good time answering all of these questions. I hope it was interesting and maybe helpful. Let me know if you decide to do this tag as well, I would love to read your answers. Thank you for reading.

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