January ’17 Favorites


Hello everyone. How crazy is it that we are at the end of January already. It’s really crazy how time fly, but let’s get on with the good stuff. Let me share with you all my favorites of this month, makeup, skincare and some random stuff. There is quite a few really good products, so let me share with you my opinion on them.

Dove rich nourishment cream
I have to say that I didn’t think that this one will be anything special. But, I’m blown away with how good of moisturizer this one is. I used it since I got it, every single night and my skin wasn’t dry or flaky which usually happens especially during winter. It is very rich nourishing cream that leaves quite a bit of oily residue, so I suppose it is not good for morning, if you want to apply makeup right away. But, for night it is amazing and it has become my skin care staple.

Neutrogena Nourishing lip care with Nordic berry
I don’t know how many of these I have used up so far, but I’m sure it’s a lot. This is my favorite lip balm ever. It is really light on lips, feels very comfortable. It’s not sticky at all, but it protects lips so well. It nourishes and makes lips softer, it’s over all amazing lip balm. I can recommend it to anyone who has really dry lips, this one actually does something for your lips.

Anew Vitale beauty balm cream spf 20
I have been using this BB cream so much in Spring that I kinda got sick of it and then I change it to some other foundations and BB creams, because I didn’t want my skin to get used to it. I got back to using it during December and in January I really used it a lot. I think this one is almost empty. I’ll have to buy new one soon, but this is one of my favorite BB creams. It is really light on the skin, very moisturizing. It makes skin radiant and glowy, you look super healthy when you have this one on, but you can’t tell you have something on the skin. It is amazing and I love it.


Essence Multi action mascara
This has been mascara that I use every single day in January. I feel like I’m starting to be obsessed with this one. It is such a good lengthening mascara yet gives so much volume. It’s great when you are in hurry, because the wand is really flexible and easy to work with. I already have a back up, because I don’t want to be without this mascara.

Depend false eye lashes
I never thought that I would have false eyelashes in my favorites. These ones I have used in almost every single makeup look I did that was for some kind of special occasion. I wore these on my Birthday and New years Eve. They are very natural looking which is amazing, because I like my makeup to look as natural as possible. I asked a lot of people can they notice them, no one did. Also, I wore them about 4-5 times by now and they still look amazing, which means they are very good quality. It’s important to clean them after using of course, but that takes about two minutes, so it’s nothing special.

The wet brush
I got this brush before my birthday, but I count it as a birthday gift. It is amazing, life changing literally. I have review on this brush, so I will link it here. It is truly amazing product and I would recommend it to anyone with tangly and messy hair.


The Weeknd
I gotta say that he was a life saver literally. A lot of things were happening in December and January and The Weeknd was all I listen to. I love his new songs, also I’m a huge fan of his previous work. I have about 30 songs from him and I will never get bored of them. I know that music is all about preference, but I had to include him in my favorites. One of my favorite songs is 6 inch with Beyonce and The Weeknd, do I have to say anything more, they are perfect combination.

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know what was your number 1 product of January, I would love to know. January has been amazing month for me and I’m excited for this year, I have to say.

18 thoughts on “January ’17 Favorites

  1. I got a wetbrush in my December(or was it November) Birchbox, and took it on holiday with me thinking it worked as a normal holiday hairbrush…major disappointment, until I learned it’s true purpose…great haul!

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