Hello everyone. Today I’m sharing with you my new makeup goodies from Artdeco. Artdeco is professional makeup artist kind of brand, that is like high end makeup brand but still with quite a good price. To be honest it is really expensive for me because I don’t like to pay a lot of money for makeup, but there was an offer on Artdeco, so I decided to buy some products. I had some of their lipsticks and powders that were really good, so I have high hopes for these products. I don’t think I’ll be buying more makeup soon, because this ended up costing a lot more than I wanted to pay, but let’s get on with this post. It’s not time or place to be moaning about money. Right?


3 eye shadows – 12, 30, 218
I always wanted to try Artdeco eye shadows. I heard so many good things about these. So I picked 3 shades, number 12 – chocolate cake, 30 and 218. Chocolate cake is really nice mid tone shimmery brown shade, that is really soft and smooth. It has a lot of gold shimmer in it and it’s perfect for subtle smokey eye. Number 30 is my perfect rose gold shade. It is absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to do a look with this one, because it is so beautiful. Number 218 is like browny purple shade. I never had eye shadow like this one and I’m really excited to start using it. These eye shadows are really soft and buttery. I’ll tell you more about them when I properly test them.

Golden Bronze oil drops
I don’t know why, but I needed to try this. I try the sample on counter and feel in love with texture of this oil. It’s like a dry oil mixed with gold shimmer. I feel like I’m going to use this one a lot in spring and summer. It’s a beautiful product for moisturizing skin and giving a little bit of color and glow to the skin. It has jojoba oil in it which means it will be super moisturizing and soothing on skin. I’m not going to lie but I have super high hopes for this oil. I mean it looks really pretty and promising. Can’t wait to test it properly so I can share my opinion with you.


Bronzing Powder Compact long lasting – 50
Gotta say that packing of this product made me buy it. Everyone loves pretty compacts, right? It’s beautiful burned orange color with rose gold trim. I feel like this is going to be perfect summer bronzer because it has a lot of gold shimmer. Also, it is really soft texture and blendable. It’s free from parabens and fragrance which is amazing for people with sensitive skin. I like over all design of it, it is so pretty. I’m super excited about this product, I feel like it’s going to become one of my favorite bronzers.

So that’s everything from me today. I hope you liked this Artdeco haul. Let me know which one of these products you would like to try and which one is your favorite. Did you ever try Artdeco products? Thank you for reading.

22 thoughts on “ARTDECO Haul

  1. I have that bronzer and I still haven’t got to try it haha. But I will. ArtDeco is really brand for mua s and they make very high end quality products. I love their liquid liner in pencil 🙂

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  2. i have never tried Artdeco. i heard recently that it is available in Canada and i was searching for it. I love the bronzer that you got ! i should try it for sure!

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  3. Amazing haul! We recently got an ArtDeco display in our drugstore. I’ve bought some of their products when I travelled to Germany – I have a few eye shadows – but I’m looking to try more! I wish they gave names to their colours instead of just numbers though.

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  4. I’m glad you love the bronzer, because I didn’t try it still. You should try oil drops, so far I’m super impressed with them. 🙂


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