Zoeva Rose gold Luxury Set – „Romantic copper“ REVIEW


I wanted to make this post for the longest time because I use these brushes everyday literally. But the time has come, so today I’ll tell you more about very popular Zoeva Rose gold Luxury set. This was one of the best gifts I’ve ever got. I think that this set inspired me to start blogging because it’s just so pretty. So, I got this set about 2 years ago for my birthday and it’s still looking almost perfect. The quality of the brushes is just amazing. These are the best brushes I’ve ever tried, they are super soft, pretty and they blend makeup products so easily. I know that this set is a bit expensive but I honestly think it’s worth completely. It contains all you need for full face of makeup. The only thing that you may need is a bit larger eyeshadow blending brush, but even without that you can create very nice eye look with 3 eye brushes that this set contains.

These brushes are quite heavy which make’s them even more luxurious. The metal part on my brushes got a little bit scratched but it is totally normal because I’ve been using these daily for 2 years. Rose gold writing is still on brushes and still looks perfect. They wash really well, I didn’t have problems with hair falling out. It’s just an absolutely amazing quality.


In this set you get 8 brushes and pouch that is faux leather. I also think that pouch is amazing quality, it works great as a makeup holder or even as a clutch bag, because it is beautiful rich brown color with rose gold writing, I think it’s really stylish. I wore it so many times as a clutch bag and always got a lot of compliments on it.

Brushes that you get in this set
102/Silk Finish – foundation buffing brush
110/Face Shape
127/Luxe Sheer Cheek
142/Concealer Buffer
227/Luxe Soft Definer
231/Luxe Petit Crease
227/Luxe Soft Definer
317/Wing Liner


I think that this set is completely worth the money. Brushes are amazing quality and I think that there isn’t that many brushes brand that do brushes like Zoeva does. If you ask me do I recommend them I absolutely do, they are my favorite. That’s all for todays post. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know did you ever try Zoeva brushes or Zoeva makeup and what do you think about brand ?

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