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January Sales Clothing Haul


Hello everyone. Today I have a clothing haul for you all. I usually write about beauty products, but today we are switching things up and talking about fashion. I’m a person that likes super simple casual clothing, but sometimes I like to go out of my comfort zone and buy a little bit more elegant stuff, but I still keep that casual and simple feel to the clothes. Let me show you what I got on January sales. Most of these things were 50% or 70% off, which is really good way to save some money or simply buy more stuff, shopaholic logic, right ?

Zara leather boots and Flowy long trench coat
I’m not a massive fan of Zara, because I think that they are a bit over priced. But sometimes I like to go and browse there, because I usually find really good stuff for good price. For example these leather boots were 80% off, isn’t that crazy ? I love the color and over all style of them, these „sock“ boots are really popular at the moment and they are super comfortable. I’m looking forward to wear them every day, because I think they are going to be really easy to style. This trench coat isn’t something that I would usually buy, but I wanted to switch things up. I feel like this is one of those pieces that are easy to style up and down. It would look great with heels or maybe slip ons, for more relaxed, casual feel.


Penelope and Monica Cruz Medium size handbag – Lore Cruz Collection
You wouldn’t believe how many compliments I get for this bag whenever I wear it. It is absolutely stunning in my opinion and really chic bag. Again, I got it because it is easy to style up and down. I’m a massive fan of things like that. I always describe my style as “super relaxed and casual” with chic bag, that’s what makes it CASUAL CHIC. As I use this bag daily, let me know would you like to read an updated “What’s in my bag” post ?

Tamaris black leather boots
I’m a massive fan of classic “Chelsea” boots. Almost, every single year I get new pair, because I wear them all the time. They are comfortable, easy to style and they always look good. You can’t go wrong with stylish Chelsea boots. I like these because they have really interesting details and that “edgy” feel to them. I think these are perfect combination of “bad ass” and stylish and I can’t wait to start wearing them to be honest.


Caliope Workout leggings
I’m not a working out person at all, which is really bad, but I’m trying to get moving and working out. I got these leggings because they are super comfortable. Also, one of the most popular trends for Spring 2017 is work out clothes. So, I thought I can wear these when going shopping or just with friends to drink coffee. These are high waisted which is even better, because they look a lot better on. I would wear them with a big, probably over sized T shirt, for that effortless look.

FB sister crop top – New Yorker
This is such a basic piece, but I decided to get it. It was really affordable so it’s not a massive lost. Also, it’s super comfortable and I love to wear crop tops on day to day basis. Also, I think it would look really nice with pencil skirt, for really casual outfit. I have so many ideas for outfit posts, so more of that will come soon.

Mango black silk shirt
This has my name all over it. It’s super simple black silk shirt, but it looks so easy and casual at the same time. It’s again piece that can easily be dressed up and down. I feel like investing in these kind of pieces is really good, because they are amazing quality, you can wear them literally everywhere and they always look stylish. I’m going to get a lot of use out of this piece and I’m really happy I got it.

That’s everything from me today. I hope you liked this fashion post. Let me know are you into this kind of posts so I can do more of them. What is your latest clothing purchase? Are any of these items something you would like to wear or have in your wardrobe? Thank you for reading !


27 thoughts on “January Sales Clothing Haul

  1. Great clothing haul! I love those Tamaris black leather boots – such classics. Also that Mango black shirt – it’s something I’d wear too. Too bad Mango stores all closed down here.

    Liked by 1 person

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