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Drugstore Haul – First impressions


Hello everyone. Today I have new haul, even though I didn’t want to spend more money on makeup, or skin care products, it just happened, I don’t know what to tell ya. But, these weren’t too expensive, because Essence stuff was on offer and other stuff is kinda affordable. That is basically my excuse. Let me tell you my first impressions on products I picked when I went to drugstore last time.

Essence Shine & Color lipstick – Candy love
This is my 3rd lipstick from this range. I love these so much, because these are the most moisturizing lipsticks ever. I don’t usually wear classic mat lipsticks, because I don’t like how they feel on my lips, I like something nourishing and protecting. That’s why these are perfect, if you are looking for super moisturizing lipsticks these are the way to go.

Essence XXXL shine lip gloss – Big Night Out
This is very moisturizing, comfortable lip gloss. I really like how it looks on lips, also this color is perfect mauve nude shade for me. They are really glossy, but I don’t mind it, because they really perfect lips and make them look amazing. This lip gloss smells very fruity and it’s almost super sweet candy smell. I really like it and I think I want to get maybe one more in true browny nude shade.

Essence Mosaic Blush – Kissed by the Sun
I saw a blog post of these blushes and I wanted to get them, but then I was like I have so many blushes I don’t need new one. But, I feel in love with this unique shade. It’s a combination of brown, orange and gold and it looks stunning. Also, I really like design of this one. I’m sure this is going to be perfect shade for Spring and Summer, because it looks really glowy and bronzy. As I’m a fan of that look, there isn’t a chance that I’m going to be disappointed.

Essence Color & Care Strengthening Nail polish – I care for you
I have been really into simple nail look last couple of weeks. I have been mostly wearing clear nail polishes. I think that I’m going to use this one a lot, because it’s beautiful pale pink shade, very wearable and simple. It says on bottle that it is made with natural ingredients, so I have high hopes for this one. What I can say as first impression is that you need two coats, because one coat looks really patchy and weird. It’s really pale pink shade when you add two coats, I’m not sure how I feel about it, I have to try it out more. Maybe I’m not used to wear this kind of shades.

Miss Sporty Gel Shine lasting nail color – 552, 553
I don’t usually buy Miss Sporty nail polishes, but look at these beautiful colors. I really feel in love with them. 552 is beautiful dusty mauve pink shade, I wore it couple of times already and it’s so pretty. 553 is combination of brown and red, I really like it. I wore this one also, it’s really beautiful. They don’t have the most amazing lasting power, but with a good top coat they last about 4 – 5 days, which is amazing in my opinion. Especially, because these are really affordable, they are great nail polishes from drugstore.

Pharmamed Calendula balm
This is Bosnian product, so it will be really hard to get it if you are not from Bosnia. But, I’m sure that a lot of brands do this kind of product. Basically, this is great product if you have problems with dry skin and lips. I use it every day to protect and nourish my lips. Also, it helps with dry skin, burns and rashes. So it’s great product to have in stash, because it can be used for so many things.


Ziaja White Vaseline
Everyone knows about Vaseline. It’s an ultimate must have product. As I have dry lips I always need good moisturizing products. I got this tub to keep in my hand bag, because it looks really pretty and I’m sure it’s going to be super handy to have it. I used it on my lips and hands, it’s really good. I mean I don’t know what to say anymore, everyone knows about vaseline.

Afrodita Cosmetics Sweet Almond Nourishing Body Milk – Regenerative Care
This one was on offer, 50% off so I decided to try it. I never used any of Afrodita body lotions, but I’m happy that I gave it a go. It’s really good rich, nourishing body milk. It’s good to use on hands and feet as well, that’s how moisturizing it is. I really like it and I think I’ll buy more of these in future.

That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this not so little haul from drugstore. Let me know did you try any of these products before and what do you think about them. Thank you for reading !


10 thoughts on “Drugstore Haul – First impressions

  1. I love the Essence mosaic blush 🙂 mosaic blushes are not too pigmented but that’s great for everyday-use. Plus, they look very pretty! *.*

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