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Products that disappointed me !


When you are buying a lot of products it is normal to get some of those that you are not happy with. Even though it sucks to spend money on something that you don’t like it is important to keep in mind that some of these products some people love. So if some of these products are some of your favorites don’t be annoyed because sometimes things that works for you may not work for other people. Alright, let’s talk about products that disappointed me.

Balea deodorant Sensitive 48hrs
I wanted to love this product so much but I didn’t. I like the scent, but this deodorant doesn’t give me enough protection. I can use this if I’m going to be out for 2 – 3 hours, but not for longer. I love that this deodorant doesn’t contain alcohol or aluminum, but for an every day deodorant I need more protection so this one is a pass for me.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing water/Sensitive skin
I got this long time ago, but still don’t use it that much. I don’t like to use this to take off my makeup because it is too harsh for my skin. Also, it says that you don’t need to rinse it off, which is not true. I used it like this just one time after night out, because I was lazy to take off makeup like I usually do. It broke me out so much that my skin looked terrible. I use this product just to clean my eye brushes when I’m doing a smokey eye. I was super disappointed with this one because so many people love it.

Avon Nail experts liquid freeze quick dry nail spray
One more product that doesn’t work. I hate when I need to wait for my nail polish to dry, it is just so annoying. This one promises to dry nail polish for 30 seconds. It doesn’t do that at all. Not only that, it destroys nail polish as well. It makes it go off as lot easier which is really bad. So this one is just bad, I don’t recommend it.

Clearskin Pore penetrating black mineral cleanser
I got this cleanser to help me with oiliness on center of my face and and pores on my nose. It was nice cleanser that had a little bit of exfoliation beads which is really nice. But I’m disappointed that it didn’t help with my oiliness or pore size, so it was an alright cleanser but it didn’t do anything for my skin.

Diplona Professional Your Nutrition profi hair mask
I got this one hoping it will give a lot of moisture to my hair. But it is one of those hair products that makes hair even worse. I felt like it took all the moisture out of my hair, make it frizzy. I could use it in combination with other hair masks but that is not the reason I bought it. So, this one is just waste of money in my opinion.


Manhattan Lip lacquer/70 – A nude kiss
This one is super bad. First of all it is really pigmented, but it looks terrible on lips. It separates on lips and looks uneven and patchy which is really bad look. Also, the scent of this one is horrible, I can’t deal with lip products that don’t smell good, it is just a big NO.

Golden rose Long stay liquid matte lipstick
I wanted this one to work so badly for me. It seems like all people love these lipsticks. First off they smell ok, but aren’t that long lasting on my lips. I suppose it is because my lips are super dry. But, some liquid lipsticks last for whole day on my lips, these have about 2 hour wear, which for me is not enough. Also, this one dried out my lips so badly. I’m very sorry that this one didn’t work but at least I love Rimmel liquid lipsticks, those are amazing, super long lasting and not drying at all.

Essence #secretparty eyeshadow/01 – Glow of my life
I love Essence eye shadows usually. They worked very well for me till this one. I may got bad one, or just this collection was bad. I love this color, it is so beautiful. But I feel like it is not enough pigmented, brush doesn’t pick up product well. I usually use it with fingers, or for very simple easy eye look.

That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. I usually don’t like to talk bad about makeup or skin care products, but sometimes you need to do that also. Hope you enjoy this post, let me know which products disappointed you lately. Keep the conversation flowing in comments.

38 thoughts on “Products that disappointed me !

  1. I heard that it is better to rinse off the garnier micellar water because it does not contain some soothing ingredients as the bioderma. Too bad that it broke you out

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  2. I wanted to make a use of it, because it doesn’t work on my skin unfortunately. But, it works great to clean eye brushes when I’m doing a smokey eye. xx

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  3. I like reading these lists! Most people talk only about beauty things they love but I’m interested in hearing what products to avoid!
    For me, a micellar water is my 2nd step cleansing – I always use cleansing oil first to deep cleanse. Then I follow up with micellar water mostly to remove residue and from around the neck and hairline. The Garnier one worked well for me but it’s not my favourite.

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  4. It is generally better to rinse off micellar waters because they leave residues of micelles (surfactant molecules that remove your makeup) on your skin. Normally, if your skin is not so sensitive or reactive nothing will happen if you don’t rinse it off, but I always do, just in case. So I agree- they shouldn’t really write that there’s no need to rinse it off.

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  5. I’ve also noticed that it’s quite drying on my lips, and if I apply it with lip balm it just doesn’t look as good as it normally does and it doesn’t last that long. But nevermind, nothing is perfect 😛 I still love those liquid lipsticks more than any other I’ve tried.

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  6. Yeah I also have full skin care routine after wearing makeup. But, after a night out it can be so annoying, so I thought micellar water can remove it completely, but no, not happening. xx

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  7. I knew that I make a mistake, but I was so lazy after night out so I just did it. Learned the hard way for sure, now I use it only to remove first layer of makeup and then do my full skin care routine. xx


  8. They are quite affordable so it’s not a big deal, but my favorite are Rimmel liquid lipsticks, they last a lot longer and are really comfortable, not to drying. 🙂

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