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How to get big lashes ?


Everyone loves big, voluminous lashes. Over time I learned a lot of tricks how to make your lashes appear ticker and bigger. I’m sharing my secrets today with you all, so let’s start.

1. Eyelash curlers

I’m sure you heard that you should use eyelash curlers. They do make quite a difference to the lashes. I’m sure everyone has a pair of eyelash curlers, if you don’t have go ahead and grab one, it will make your life so much better. They make your eyes more open and eyelashes more defined. On no makeup day you can just curl your eyelashes and you will be able to see the difference they make.

2. Mixing mascaras

Other trick that I have is to mix mascaras. This is something that I do all the time. Why use one mascara, when you can use two? It doesn’t take more time than using one. Mixing mascaras is the way to get the best effect from both world. First, you use lengthening mascara, then apply volumizing mascara and you’ll get big, voluminous long eyelashes.

3. Applying a bit of loose powder on lashes

If you have some extra time while doing makeup why don’t you try this trick? You take a little bit of loose powder on brush and apply it to the lashes. I know that this one can be a bit messy but it makes a difference. Powder sticks to lashes and makes them thicker, so when you apply mascara, your lashes appear a lot thicker than they actually are.

4. Using individual falsies

I do this all the time. If I’m going out I like to take a little bit extra time with my makeup, so I use falsies. My favorite are individual one, because it is really hard to notice them on eyes and you can fool people to think that you have amazing lashes. Always apply mascara on falsies to blend them with your natural lashes and you are good to go. This one can take a bit longer to do, but over time you really master it and it becomes a lot easier and faster.


5. False eyelashes – natural or glam

If you are lazy and don’t need all of the fuss, you can simply apply false eyelashes. It doesn’t take a lot of time, there is so many options of eyelashes. You have glam eyelashes that are perfect for special occasions or very natural looking ones for day to day basis. To be honest I don’t like to pay a lot for falsies, so I usually use Depend falsies, they are pretty affordable yet really good quality.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was really fun to make it. Let me know do you have any tricks how to make eyelashes appear bigger. Let me know in comments.

34 thoughts on “How to get big lashes ?

  1. Such a great post! I don’t really like the feel of mascara, and am interested in falsies or lash extensions but am a bit scared lolxx

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  2. Good tips ! I always wanted to try out individual false lashes as I heard it truly does apply better and look much more natural. Using two mascaras is a oldie but a goodie just gotta get the right ones! I use to do this a lot but found it would be clumpy if I used two that did not pair well!

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  3. Individual falsies work so good, because they look extremely natural, but make a massive difference. It’s really hard to find a good mascara combination, especially if you are picky with them and prefer certain look. xx

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  4. I was like that, but made an effort to use them. Now I can’t imagine putting mascara without using eyelash curlers before. They make such a difference. xx

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