Avon makeup favorites


Avon is one of the first brands that I ever tried makeup and skin care vise. They are one of the brands that keep their prices affordable and products good quality. So, I love to buy stuff from Avon because most of time I get really good products. I feel like I have to talk about some of my absolute favorite makeup products from Avon so you guys can check them out and maybe they become your favorites as well. So, let’s start the conversation.

Anew Vitale BB+ SPF 20
This BB cream is super easy to use on days that you can’t bother with makeup. When I’m lazy, but want to add a little bit of glow to my skin and make it look better I always reach for this one. I feel like it helps with overall condition of my skin, makes it look better and healthier. It also gives the effect of soft focus to the skin and make it look flawless. The best thing about this one is that it’s not visible on skin, you can’t tell you wear makeup.

True Color eye shadow palette/Tigers eye
I feel bad that I include this palette in my favorites but I really use it that much that I have to. This was limited edition product from last year. But, I feel like I can talk about their eye shadows because they all have same formulation. Avon palettes are very good for traveling because inside of the compact you have 4 shades, so you can create different looks. Also, you get mirror which is always good. The quality, honestly is amazing. They are really good shadows for price.

Illuminating Face pearls/Pink bronze
These are such a great everyday final makeup product. I love to use them on top of other blushes, because that way they look amazing. These have combination of colors, mat and shimmers. You can use it as a very subtle highlighter for every day. I prefer to use them on top of other blush to intensify its color and to add a bit of shimmer. But, my favorite way to use them is all over face to add amazing glow. Your skin will look amazing if you use them this way. They aren’t super pigmented so you won’t be able to see them on skin, but they add beautiful glow.


Color Trend lipstick/Melon drama
I love this lipstick because it feels like a lip balm on lips but it gives a bold color. It is a go to lip product when I want to elevate simple makeup look. I love the formula of these because they are mat but super comfortable on lips. Shade is gorgeous coral shade, that can change every makeup look. I usually use this lipstick during Spring time.

3D plumping lip gloss/Nude
I love lip glosses, because they never dry out lips and they are super easy to re apply. I love this one because of the color, it’s perfect mauve pink shade. Also, the packing of these looks so expensive and classy, you even get a fiber brush inside instead of normal applicator.

Makeup setting spray
I love to use this setting spray when I know I need my makeup to stay all day. The only thing I would change about this one is the scent, for me it smells like alcohol. I think they could add some nice scent to it, that way it would be so much more pleasant to use. But, even without nice scent it’s really good affordable fixing spray.

That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know do you like Avon makeup and what are your favorite products, I would like to know. Thank you for reading.


40 thoughts on “Avon makeup favorites

  1. Oooo I loved Avon make up, I used to do Avon and use all the money I earnt on more make up haha! I might re-invest in some of these, its so affordable too.

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  2. Avon is so underrated! I love that makeup setting spray. I bought a few Avon makeup items last year that I haven’t opened yet. Have you ever tried their nail polishes? They’re some of my favourites.

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  3. They are the first brand I ever used makeup and skin care vise. I’m so confused why they are so underrated because they have really good quality products. xx

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  4. Yeah, I love Avon skin care especially Planet Spa line. But, sometimes I like to buy their makeup. Their setting spray is really good for price, I’m almost out of it. xx

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