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How I take off my makeup ?


I wanted to make this post for the longest time. Time has come so let’s talk about how to remove makeup. Everyone has their way of removing makeup. For me, it’s all about how lazy I am or what I feel like doing. For my everyday makeup, which is pretty simple routine I use makeup removing wipes. I know that a lot of people don’t like wipes, but I love them. The easiest way to remove all the dirt that has been build up during day. I’ve been loving this wipes from Fresh ‘n’ Soft premium collection. They are formulated with calendula extract, jojoba oil and aloe vera. Also, they are alcohol free and paraben free. I already used one pack up, you can read more about them here. After removing first layer of makeup I clean my face. I usually use one of these two cleansers. I will write the full name of all products under the post so you can check them out if you want. If I feel that first cleanse wasn’t enough I cleanse two times. Just to be sure that my skin is really clean. To be honest I do cleanse two times almost everyday, because I get really freaked out that some makeup is left on my face. If I wore quite a lot of makeup, you know, after the night out or some special occasion I would use something more intense than just a makeup removing wipes. So I will remove first layer of makeup with wipe and then I’ll follow up with something more intense. I usually use Garnier micellar water or Avon conditioning makeup remover lotion. If my skin is super dry I would use Avon lotion because it feels very moisturizing and calming. Garnier micellar water can be a bit drying on my skin even though it is meant to be for sensitive skin. Also don’t believe what is says on label, that you don’t need to rinse off this micellar water. You have to, because I once didn’t rinse it off and it broke me out so badly.


Also, I’m not a huge fan of this micellar water, I find it just alright, nothing magical or amazing that everyone is talking about. Also, this micellar water isn’t that cheap in Bosnia, so I want to use it up completely. Most of time I use it to clean my brushes, you can check the post here. That’s all from me for this post. I’m always on hunt for good makeup removing products because I think they are very important part of everyone’s skin care routine. Thank you for reading this post and let me know did you try any of these products before. Do you like them? What is your favorite way to remove makeup ?

List of products mentioned
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – Sensitive skin
Avon conditioning eye makeup remover lotion
Neutrogena Visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub
Planet Spa Oriental Radiance with white tea foaming cleanser
Fresh ‘n’ Soft premium makeup remover wipes – Dry and Sensitive skin

36 thoughts on “How I take off my makeup ?

  1. I have never had an issue with the Micellar cleaning water, it has done me well so far (which is weird because products like that usually hate my skin).
    The Avon conditioning make up remover sounds really nice, I must give it a go x

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  2. I can really recommend Avon makeup remover, it is so gentle yet amazing at removing makeup. Me and my friends love it. I wanted to love Garnier Micellar water, it just don’t go with my skin. I might try another formula. xx

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  3. Yeah I know, my eyes are also super sensitive. I love this Avon makeup remover because it is so gentle. But, I also want to try Clinique Take the day off, I heard that it is amazing. xx

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  4. I used it once without washing my face, it broke me out so badly. After that experience I always wash it off. Lucky you if your skin is not as sensitive. xx

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  5. Such a great post! I have to say I completely agree with you when it comes to the Garnier Micellar water!
    I am currently using a Nivea Micellar water, it is a lot more affordable and although is not a miracle product I find it definitely does the job and I personally prefer it to Garnier. So if you’re ever looking to find a more affordable brand of Micellar water I would recommend it! x

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  6. Thank you. I’m glad that at least someone agrees with me, usually people love it. I need to try Nivea one, quite a few people suggested it. Thank you for your recommendation. xx

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  7. I used the Micellar Cleansing Water for years and I loved it but for some reason I got out of the habit of buying it once it had run out. I’ve recently started using Garnier Skin Naturals Start Afresh Cleansing Lotion – it’s a lot thicker than the water, more like a moisturiser but it works wonders. I’d definitely recommend it!!

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  8. I have to try it, because I like creamy makeup removers like Avon one I featured in this post. They are a lot more gentle and moisturizing. Thank you for recommendation. xx

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  9. I like micellar water but not on its own. I always remove my makeup by cleansing oil first. Then I use micellar water after as a my 2nd step cleansing to remove any residue.
    I’m not a fan of wipes, I find them too harsh and many of them just smear my makeup around rather than remove them.

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  10. Caring for one’s skin seems a difficult thing to do. I simply use body bar soap because it feels clean and not greasy. I suppose I have a lot to learn. So I keep reading. Blessings!

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