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Good night of sleep essentials !


Hello everyone. Today I have super quick, little post for you all. I’m going to share my Going to bed routine, what I do to have a good night sleep and recover from long day I had. Before going to bed I do my skincare routine and then I do little bids to help me have a good night of sleep and refill my energy. I learned that it is really important what you wear when you go to bed. Comfy pajama is the best option. I’m in love with this „Paris“ one, it’s so cute. I don’t know this brand to be honest, my mom got this one for me, so I can’t really link it down. When you have your cute pajama on, you gotta find eye covers. I found this one in DM and I love it. I can’t sleep without it, it’s essential. During night it slides of my eyes, but I gotta have it when I go to bed. I can only sleep in pitch black room, I don’t know why.  I love to moisturize my skin well before going to bed. I usually use oils for that. I’m currently obsessed with jojoba oil, it’s magical for skin. This one is from brand called Golden Cosmetics, but I’m sure you can find some kind of jojoba oil in your local drugstore. Just make sure it is pure jojoba oil, because sometimes brands do mixture of oil, that really doesn’t make big difference for your skin. My lips are always dry, so for me is essential to have lip balm next to me.


As my lips my hands are also very dry, I think it is due to my University life, usually every day I have laboratory work, working with chemicals doesn’t help your skin, believe me. Hand cream is must before bed, it’s always part of my routine. I love this one from Planet Spa, it’s really rich and nourishing. I use it on my feet and hands and it really makes them softer and nourished for next day. This one is from Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing range with African Shea Butter. I already used one up, this is my second tub and I love it. It was featured in my Empties post and also favorites.


Finally I like pillow mists. They help  you fall a sleep super easy and quick, also make your hair smell amazing in the morning. I love this Planet Spa with lavender and camomile, it’s super relaxing and beautifully scented. It really does help with sleeping, it makes you relaxed and calm before falling a sleep.

Those are my „Going to sleep“ essentials. Do you have some special routine, before the bed ? Thank you for reading. I hope you liked this cute little post.


29 thoughts on “Good night of sleep essentials !

  1. Great post. I remember having to sleep with ear plugs in during my first year of university, when I was living in student halls. Thankfully those days are over haha 🙂 thanks for sharing xxx

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  2. I like how you write your posts: straight and simple. The only bed time routine I do is slipping into my most comfy pair of PJs and I’m ready to hit the sack. Also, I agree about the jojoba oil. It indeed does magic for the skin. 💕

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  3. I am gonna get me an eye cover. My hubby cannot sleep without night lights and I do have trouble getting to sleep unless it is pitch dark. Never thought of using one. Thanks! Blessings!

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  4. You are welcome. I thought they are useless before, but I changed my mind completely. Eye covers are so important for me right now, I can’t fall asleep without them. xx


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