February ’17 Favorites


It’s already time for new monthly favorites. You guys know that I love these kind of posts, because they really help you to realise what kind of products you like to use on day to day basis and you can always find awesome products to try upon someone else’s recommendation. In every favorites post I put only products that I use daily and really use a lot during month. So, if you see product that you like and want to try from my favorites, you can be sure that I totally recommend it. You can check previous favorites post here. I feel like this is going to be pretty long post, so you know the drill, grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax with this post!

Essence Silky Touch blush – 70 Kissable
I used this blush every single day, literally. I know it looks really dark, but if you use just a tiny amount, it gives beautiful color to the cheeks. I love the formula of Essence blushes, very high quality believe me. Super easy to blend, pigmented and lasting power is insane. They have so many shades to choose from, so there is something for everyone. This blush has been a true favorite for past almost 2 months, so grab one for yourself as well.

Avon Illuminating Face pearls – Pink bronze
This is multi purpose product. I like to use it on top of blushes, just to give a little bit more color and shine. These pearls aren’t super pigmented, which is really nice, because I like to use them all over the face. When I finish with my makeup I like to take these almost like setting powder all over my face, because they give such a nice healthy glow to the skin. This is honestly my favorite way to use them and I love the effect it gives. This is going to be my go to product for spring and summer for sure. Also, my friends complimented me how glowy my skin looks and I’m sure it’s due to this product. So if you love glowy skin, try these pearls, they changed my makeup game completely.

Essence Powder brush
Not only Essence have awesome affordable makeup, their brushes are also pretty good. I use this brush every single day for applying bronzer and blusher. It’s amazing, blends products amazingly and it picks up just enough of product. When you wash it some hair can fall out, but it’s nothing major, it doesn’t happen often. Also it was really affordable, so I can’t complain a lot. I love the fun color of it and also the size, because it is so easy to have in bag. I would recommend Essence brushes for girls that are just starting with makeup, because they are super affordable and quite a good quality.

Afrodita Cosmetic Sweet Almond Nourishing Body Milk – Regenerative care
This is the first time I tried Afrodita body lotions. I was surprised how much I used this one. It’s really good, leaves skin soft and nourished. Also, you don’t need a lot of product, because it is really rich and creamy. I used it every single night before bed on my feet and hands and it nourished my skin beautifully. I think it’s really good product and I would probably buy more of these, maybe different scent.


Rose Water face mist
I always loved the idea of face mists. I usually use them when I do my face makeup, just to add a little bit more moisture to the skin and take off powdery effect if there is any. I found this small container in my stash, so I decided to use it on the go. Which basically means it will be in my hand bag always so I can use it when I feel like my skin needs moisture during day. It’s so amazing, I will always have it in my hand bag, it’s super refreshing and great for makeup lasting power, because at the end of day my makeup doesn’t look the best, but this helps to keep it fresh looking all day long. I use my usual Naturals Rose water, you can read about it more here.

Essence Studio Nails Anti Split Nail Sealer
One more Essence product, looks like I have been obsessed with Essence this month. I have been really into simple nail look this month. So I decided to use this one as a clear nail polish and treatment at the same time. It’s pretty good product, it won’t give you amazing results, but it does protect nails. My nails chip pretty easily, this kept them in amazing condition whole month, so I think it’s worth checking out. I will buy more of these nail treatments from Essence, because I have been really loving this one.

Penelope and Monica Cruz Medium size handbag – Lore Cruz Collection
This is my bag obsession since I got it. It’s just stunning hand bag. Totally my style, it’s really chic looking and it fits a lot of stuff. The color (bottle green) is beautiful dark forest green shade, that is one of IT colors for Spring 2017. I’m sure that this hand bag is going to be staple in my wardrobe  for months to come. But, as I’m a bag person, I may get some other. You never know when you can find a bag that can change your life. You can read more about this bag and see more pictures here.

Hema pure new wool jumper
I got this jumper as a birthday gift to myself. It was basically my excuse to buy this jumper, because it was a little bit expensive. But I strongly believe that investing in this kind of pieces is really worth. I wore this one so much that my friends started to call me person in basic brown jumper. Funny, but yeah I need to give it a little bit of rest. It’s very comfortable, cozy and warm so I like to wear it often. It was totally worth the money, I already got so much use out of it. Also, it is perfect for that relaxed, cozy, simple everyday look.


Zayn – MOM (Mind of Mine)
My music favorite for I think three months now is Zayn Malik. OMG, I love his voice and his music. The best thing that happened to music world is when he left 1D. I love every single song on this album, but my top favorites are: TiO, She, Drunk, Lucozade and Cruel. I really recommend you to give his music a try, I love it so freaking much.

I’m totally surprised that I’m not already sick of his music because I only listen to him and The Weeknd, but I suppose it won’t happen because that’s my style of music. Also, at the end of month I have been obsessed with The Weeknd – Reminder, such a bad ass song, I’m really feeling it. One more music favorite of the end of month is Beyonce, Jay Z and DJ Khaled – Shining, also super bad ass song, love it.

STAR (US Series)
I have been totally obsessed with this show this month. It is so good. I love the music and three main actors/singers are really talented. I have been listening to their songs during month as well. If you like drama/lifestyle type of show I would recommend it. You can also learn so much from this show, it’s not only pure entertainment. I really suggest you to check it out.

Those are my February favorites, I feel like there is so many awesome products for you to check out. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which of these products you would love to try or did you try any of these before?  If you have any music favorite let me know, because I need to give Zayn and The Weeknd a little bit of break, even though I really don’t want to haha. Thank you so much for reading.


43 thoughts on “February ’17 Favorites

  1. Great bag, I was not aware they had a line! I also use a rose face mist daily. I think it’s become an addiction. 🙂 I have a couple each of the herbivore botanicals & jurlique versions. I have one always on hand. Those pearls look nice as well! xx

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  2. I think that rose water really helped the look of my skin and also when I wear makeup. I love those pearls, they are such a must have for my daily makeup. I’m actually planning to do review on them soon. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Favorites are my favorite to write and read also. I would recommend you to try rose water as a makeup setting spray, I have been loving it in February. xx

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  4. Hi Azra!
    Thanks for sharing your February favorites! I will have to try some of these products. I can’t believe it is already March!

    ❤ Alana xoxoxo

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