ARTDECO Fixing Powder Review


Hello everyone. Today I’m writing a new review. As I said I want to do more reviews, because it seems like you guys love to read them. So yeah, more reviews on makeup and skin care products to come. Today I’m going to review a really good loose powder from ARTDECO. I don’t know did you guys hear of ARTDECO, it’s pretty popular in Europe I think. It’s originally from Germany and they are a makeup artist kind of brand. The idea behind this brand is professional makeup, but for a little bit more affordable price. I’m looking forward to try more from ARTDECO, because I really like this product.

So, the packing is super simple, small black container. I feel like this is a refill to probably a lot bigger tub. So I suppose there is bigger container of this product, but I couldn’t find it on display. This one was only available, but it’s good just to try it out. You get 10 grams in this packing.


On to my opinion on this powder. It’s really smooth and soft. The powder is really soft, amazingly finely mild. This is one of my favorite loose powders I have ever tried. You can use it for baking under the eyes, it leaves beautiful smooth texture. It stops concealer from rubbing off and creasing. I started to set my concealer because of this powder, because it doesn’t dry out my under eye area, which most powders did. It’s white powder, so it won’t change the color of your foundation, which I really like. Also, it’s pretty good at setting makeup on the face. When I use it lasts about 5 hours on center of my face, but bare in mind I have super oily T zone. So for me that’s pretty good lasting power. Most of powders can’t protect my nose of getting oily, doesn’t matter what I do, so for me blotting and powdering is normal step during day.


This powder doesn’t have flash back which is amazing, because most of these white loose powders have that. When I use it on rest of my face it keeps my makeup on all day. But the rest of my face is normal skin, not oily. Also, something that I really like about this one is that you can’t see it on skin. Doesn’t matter how much you apply it’s still not visible. Something that is bad about these type of powders is that they can be a bit messy. But I don’t mind it too much, because it is an amazing powder for all over the face.

Over all I really like this product and I would definitely recommend it. I think it is a staple product for people who like they makeup as flawless as possible. I don’t have singe bad thing to say about this one, it is complete HIT for me. Thank you so much for reading. Let me know did you try this powder before and how did you like it ?

15 thoughts on “ARTDECO Fixing Powder Review

  1. Yeah 5 hrs on my super oily T zone is amazing for me. One you tuber compared it to Laura Mercier powder, that’s why I bought it. xx


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