Catrice Prime and Fine Pore refining anti shine base mattifying long lasting primer – Review


Hello everyone. I’m writing a new review, today on this Catrice cosmetics primer. I have to be honest I didn’t like this one when I first got it, but I will explain that in second. So let’s start with this review. First of all packing is super simple, white tub with black lid. I think it is really nice and I like it. You get 30 ml or 1.01 fl.oz. That’s standard size for primers I think. I really like packing, because it is easy to get product from it.

As I said at first I didn’t like this product at all. I feel like sometimes brands just put a name on product without thinking about it. This is an awesome primer, but it’s not pore refining and anti shine. They got the name completely wrong. So I didn’t like this primer because it did nothing for my skin. I have a bit larger pores on my nose, so I though it will fill them. Nope, didn’t happen. Also, I feel like it doesn’t stop oil from coming through. I do have pretty oily T zone so I though this will keep oil at least a little bit under control, but it didn’t. Pretty bad review so far, right ? It’s getting better don’t worry.


So as I said I think that name is wrong. This is an awesome hydrating primer. It’s almost like a nice skin care and makeup product at one. It’s a white cream that kinda sticks to your skin, so it makes makeup look better on top. It’s awesome base for makeup, because it really perfects look of makeup on top. I started using this at beginning of October, when my skin went dry. It helped with moisture and dry patches on my skin, that’s when I realized it is super moisturizing. So if you are looking for a nice hydrating drugstore primer, this one is awesome. It kinda sucks that the name is completely wrong, because it made me hate the product at first, but it’s good when you realize yourself what is it supposed to do. I featured this primer in my favorites post, so if you want to read more click here.

Catrice makeup favorites post

Finally, I think this is an awesome affordable primer. As I said if you are looking for something anti shine and pore refining, this one isn’t good. But, if you need something to protect your skin from makeup and something hydrating, this one is awesome. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know did you try this one and what do you think about it? Does it fill pores and it is mattifying? Let me know, I’m really interested to see does it work like that for some people!

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32 thoughts on “Catrice Prime and Fine Pore refining anti shine base mattifying long lasting primer – Review

  1. I can see. I have the same and it makes my face prepared for makeup. I saw that it filles up a little bit of pores around my nose area and I agree with Tati that is somehow when you use a little bit of product works for bluring that is why I use it only on my pores problematic areas on face and I works really :). Nice post tho

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  2. For me it really does not fill pores and it doesn’t mattyfy at all. But, I love it as a hydrating primer, it’s so good when my skin is in a dry state. This proves how everyones skin and preference is different. Thank you for reading. xx

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  3. I’m seriously going to check this out. I’ve been using Mac’s prime and prep but it’s just not affordable really. This looks so much better, I’ll definitely get this when I run out of my current primer! thank you!x

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