My hair journey – Warning – Cringe factor is high!


When I did Liebster Blog Award post, I got a question about my hair journey. Did I ever had any crazy hair colors? You can bet I did. So I asked you guys would you like to see my hair journey in blog post and some of you said yes. That’s what we’re doing today. I have to warn you, the cringe factor is high with this one. Basically we all made mistakes in past, with hair, makeup, style, behavior. The most important thing is that we are constantly learning and improving. Let’s get on with fun stuff, my hair journey. God please help !

First hair experiment I had when I was 3 years old. I did it myself. Basically kids like to play around I suppose, so I played hairdresser. I chopped my freaking bangs. It looked bad, super short and uneven. My mum almost had a heart attack. I found super old picture of me as a kid. I mean quality is pretty bad, but you can see my hair the most importantly. Damn, I looked good, that outfit though. Second photo is my natural hair color, just for reference.

Then I really didn’t experiment a lot. I had basically the same hairstyle, short bob with bangs. I had it for I think 13 years with variations of long hair in between . I still think that bob is the best hairstyle. I find it super chic.

So the first time I dyed my hair I was 17. I dyed my hair purple. Wow, I was pretty brave in high school. You can see, it was pretty intense. To be honest I think it looked amazing. I think that color is awesome. Would I have it right now, oh God no. I think it’s perfect hair color for teenager who wants to experiment. I had purple hair for a year probably. Then I dyed my hair dark chocolate brown, that is basically my natural hair color.

Then, we come to my 1st year of University, where I did something pretty stupid. I always wanted that beautiful honey color hair. I thought about it a lot. Here is a fun fact about me, if I want to so something, I’ll do it no matter what others tell me. If it’s stupid, doesn’t matter, because I’m super stubborn. So, I decided to buy hair lightening kit and basically do it at home. Never do that! I’m telling you, learn from my mistake. I looked jacked up. The cringe, oh my God. The top of my hair was honey color, or “strawberry blonde” if you want. The rest of my hair was dark brown. Can you imagine how crazy it looked? Thank God my hair dresser is really good at her job. She fixed my mistake with mixture of acids, it’s not ideal, but it worked. Basically she didn’t bleached my hair, she just lighten it up couple of tones. Then I had the hair that I always wanted. Did it look good on me. Honestly I don’t think so. I will insert pictures how it looked on sun light and in artificial lighting.

It was intense hair color. My mum hated it and actually now I can see why. I don’t think this hair color suited me. I mean look at my brows, so freaking dark. Btw, my makeup skills were bad. That eyeliner, OMG. Also, I plugged my eyebrows so much at that time. Honestly, what was wrong with me? Why no one told me how bad it was? At that time slim eyebrows were really popular. Also I always hated how thick and hairy my brows are, but now I actually appreciate that. You grow, you learn people. I learned my lesson for sure. This honey color was hard work. I needed to lighten my hair every second month, because it was going dark brown. I got tired of it and I went back to dark brown. I think even my hair was telling me what suited me the best.

Then I discovered sombre hair. You know that trend? It’s basically soft ombre hair. I’ll insert pictures so you guys can see how beautiful it looked on my hair. Yeap, my hair was super long. I had this hairstyle for quite a long time. Then I wanted a change again. So I chopped all of it to short bob again. I just love that hairstyle. Now my hair grew a little bit and I have long bob with balayage hair. It’s basically similar to sombre, just a lot more natural. It’s basically that sun kissed hair look. You can see my current hair style and color in intro picture.

These two photos were taken the same day. Quite a change, right? I love to experiment with my hair, that’s why we have this post. If you want to know what I’m wearing in these photos check out my outfit post here.

So that was my hair journey. Did you like it? Do you think I come far? I’m pretty happy with my hair at the moment. I learned my lesson guys. Your natural hair color is most suitable for you probably. I hope this post was fun to read, did you have good laugh? I hope you did, I made this post just to be fun and entertaining. To be honest the cringe I had doing this post was intense, but hey it was a good journey. I would love you to tell me your hair journey. Let’s share not so nice experiences, let’s learn from mistakes, why not? Thank you for reading. Let me know which hair color looked the best? Be kind please, hehe.

48 thoughts on “My hair journey – Warning – Cringe factor is high!

  1. I love seeing these kinds of posts, its cool to see how much you’ve changed! I love your hair how it is right now, it’s gorgeous! You’ve totally just given me some inspiration for a post. Great post girl!x

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  2. I absolutely love the sombre hair, I think it looks gorgeous! And your current hairstyle is lovely too! I think the purple looked cool haha!
    I never ever did anything to my hair, I always kept it super super long (up to my butt almost) and it was my natural blonde colour. Then, when I was 16 in the summer I decided to dye mi ends bright pink… that wasn’t a good look! But fortunately it was one of those dyes that go away in like 14 days. Then last year I kept looking at pictures of girls with lobs (long bob) and I never cut my hair short in my entire lifetime, but I decided to bite the bullet and in September 2016 I cut it! I also got balayage to make it look more blonde and I absolutely love it now!!
    Amazing post, as always xx

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  3. Thank you so much for lovely comment. I think we need to experiment sometimes with hair, I mean it will grow back, so why not do something interesting from time to time. xx

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  4. You’ve certainly had quite a few changes, it’s really interesting to see them over time! I think I’d be too scared to do that as I’ve never really liked my hair or any styles I’ve had. I’m due a cut and colour soon but I’m not sure what to do. It’s quite long at the moment and there’s a huge temptation to get it all cut off and have it like in the last photo on this post (which I think looks fab!) I just know I’ll probably regret it afterwards and miss the long hair, but you can’t have it both ways!
    Caz x

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  5. To be honest when I cut my long hair for the first time in ages I felt so much lighter and better. When I did it for the first time I never got back to long hair, I don’t know why but I like it shorter. Try to do it, why not? It’s just a hair, it will grow back. xx


  6. I didn’t cringe, but I think indeed that you look better with a darker hair color. Gotta say, that sombre shade looks nice. You really have beautiful hair! And I also love the purple. If I didn’t have to take into consideration my age and work, I’d go for pink! xoxo Sarah

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  7. I feel like I should experiment way more, because when you are teenager everything is possible. I also love darker hair on me, it’s my natural hair color so I suppose it’s the best one. Also, I would like to try pink, but that takes a lot of courage. xx

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  8. Hair is fun play around with. I did some experimenting when I was in school – had some crazy chunky red and purple colour put in (my hair is dark brown) as well as shaved back of head. I always think, it’ll just grow back anyway. No big deal. 🙂

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  9. your childhood hair is nice…what about three step? did u do experiment ? i think in three step cut u r looking so beautiful

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  10. Thank you. It was surely an experiment, because it was super hard to get that color. Had quite a journey with my hair, no lie. xx


  11. I really enjoyed seeing your hair journey!!! Your natural hair color is stunningly beautiful and I like your current hair color/style too! When I was young I always thought it would be cool to have a bob so my mom finally let me get one in the 3rd grade. I experimented with bangs over the years, but have a widow’s peak so I could never get them quite right. I went through years of growing my hair then cutting it. One of my favorites was when I let it grow super long until my sophomore year in highschool and then I chopped off 14 inches and donated it to “locks of love.” It seemed like it took forever for my hair to grow back.
    It was finally long and beautiful again in 2011 then in 2013 a friend/ now acquaintance of mine said she thought my long hair was weighing me down and that I should cut it. I resisted and one day she took me to get it cut. I chopped of a lot to donate it and got an A-line bob and instant regret (she and I are no longer on talking terms… lol) It took forever for my hair to grow back and I am still trying to grow it back now. My bf has recently suggested that I cut it short so that it will be low-maintanence, but I am fighting it. We shall see what happens 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your journey!!!

    ❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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  12. Wow that’s so cool. I kinda love experimenting with my hair, you can’t know until you try. My hair also grows super slowly, it’s so annoying. I had short hair when I was kin and it definitely wasn’t a good look, hehe. Thank you for reading and nice comments. xx

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