Essence XXXL Shine lip gloss Review


Hello everyone! Today I have new review on Essence product. You guys know that I buy a lot of Essence stuff, just because it is super affordable, but often they are super amazing quality. There is only few Essence makeup products that I tried and didn’t really like. Most of products that I try from them I love. I have Essence favorites POST on the blog. Check it out to see my ultimate favorite products from Essence. So, let’s start with this review.

I always start review on my opinion on the packing. This lip gloss has really sleek, simple packing. I really like it. It’s plastic container with silver lid and silver writing. So the shade that I’m reviewing today is 07 – Big Night Out. This is the only shade I own. I really don’t know why I didn’t buy more of these, because I really like the formula. But, maybe I’ll buy more of these in future. So this shade is beautiful shimmery mauve – nude shade. I really like shades like this, because they look good with my skin tone. These type of shades look good on everyone just because they are super wearable and go with every makeup look. So in this container you get 5 ml or 0.16 oz.


So, Essence claims that this is ultra shiny lip gloss that is moisturizing and non sticky. I can totally agree with all of those things. This is an amazing lip gloss if you like glossy lips and lip glosses in general. As some of you might now, I wear lip glosses more often than lipsticks. My lips are super dry so I like something moisturizing and comfortable. That’s why most time for every day wear I choose lip gloss. I love to wear them especially in spring/summer time, because I like lips to look glossy and juicy if you will. So this is super glossy lip gloss, it’s quite intense. Being super glossy it is actually very comfortable and easy to wear. It’s not sticky, it lasts for quite a long time. Also, it is really pigmented so you don’t need to have lipstick under it. It smells really fruity, it’s almost like a candy. The applicator is that basic doe foot applicator, that is not bandy. You can see it better on photo I included. As I said it is super nice lip gloss and I would definitely buy more shades.


They discontinued this packing actually, because they have new collection up. Essence twice a year change their collection, so this packing isn’t available anymore. But the formula is still the same, I tried the new ones already and they do really feel the same on lips. Just the new ones are twice more of the price, so I decided to pick this one up, because it was cheaper. So, that’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know did you try Essence lip glosses before? Do you like to wear lip gloss more than lipstick? Thank you for reading.

36 thoughts on “Essence XXXL Shine lip gloss Review

  1. It’s really affordable so it won’t be a big waste of money if you don’t like it at the end. It is really glossy just so you know. But, let me know your opinion if you try it. xx

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