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Spring Essentials/Skin care edition


Hello everyone! Today I’m doing collaboration with other blogger about skin care essentials for Spring time. I’m going to share with you all of my must have products for this spring, products that I truly recommend to try out. Head over to the Ancient Beauty blog and check out all of the tips she shares and follow her. Now it’s time to start with this post. So let me tell you which skin care products, in my opinion you should have in your stash this spring!

Avon Solutions truly radiant skin perfector SPF 20
This is one of my ride or die moisturizers for spring/summer time. This is a really perfecting, radiance giving cream. It is very moisturizing but it’s not heavy or sticky, so it works great under the makeup. Also, it has some sort of black beads in it that give beautiful bronzy color to the skin. It’s really good product in my opinion, especially for upcoming season where you want to look bronzed and tanned. Also, it’s pretty affordable for nice every day moisturizer. I definitely recommend you to check it out.

Planet Spa Caribbean Escape with crushed pearls and sea algae Illumination facial treatment
As you might guess I’m all about that GLOW. I love these kind of products, because they make you look healthy, radiant and full of energy and life. This is basically a gel moisturizer that is really light on skin. It has a lot of nude and gold shimmer in it, which makes skin beautifully glowy and radiant. It is an amazing product for mornings because it makes you look fresh and glowy. This is actually night illuminating treatment, but I don’t think it’s suitable for night time. I like to heavy moisturize my skin at night, so this one is too light for that. I recommend it for morning use.


Planet Spa Caribbean Escape with crushed pearls and sea algae brightening face massage mask
This line from Planet Spa is all about that GLOW and radiant looking skin. This face mask is a true illuminating product, it’s also, really hydrating and softening on skin. It has some exfoliation beads in it, which I think are “crushed pearls”, at least that’s what they claim. I really enjoy using this one before doing my makeup for some kind of special occasion or something special. Because this product works as a brightening mask and scrub, it’s good one to have in stash. If you are sometimes lazy with your skin care, these kind of multi purpose products are a must have for sure.

Planet Spa Treasures of the Desert with Moroccan Argan 3in1 Oil
I decided to add this product to this post because it is a multi purpose product again. You can use it for hair, body and face. This is amazing under the makeup, because it is not too heavy, also it gives a lot of radiance and glow to the skin. You can also mix it with your foundation if it’s not enough moisturizing for you. It’s a great product, I would totally recommend it. I’m a person that loves glowy makeup look in Spring time so for me this oil is amazing just to use as a face moisturizer or to mix it with foundation to get that dewy look. Also, how cool is the color of this oil? I feel like it gives that healthy look to the skin, because of this amazing bright color. You don’t see it on skin of course, but it’s just so fun to use it.

Dove Derma Spa Summer revived body lotion – Medium
I have review on this product, so I will link it here. I decided to include this one to this post, because it is a beautiful body moisturizer that gives a little bit of color to the skin. If you wanna know more about it, how it works and my opinion on it check out my review. I reviewed two colors of this lotion, so I think it is really helpful, especially if you want to try it out.


I did posts like this one before on the blog, so I’ll link them down in case you want to check them out. I wrote about makeup and fashion essentials for spring in those posts. Also, I’m going to do Spring Essentials/Makeup edition updated post soon, so stay tuned for that.

Spring Essentials/Makeup edition post
Spring Essentials/Wardrobe edition post
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I’m so glad I did collaboration with Ancient Beauty on this post. Check out her blog post about skin care essentials for spring here.

That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which of these products you would add to your skin care staples this spring. Do you have any skin care staple for spring? Do you have some products to recommend all of us to try out maybe? Let me know all of that good stuff in comments down! Thank you so much for reading.

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  1. It’s line from Avon, I suppose you can order it online. It’s really good for such a affordable price.I hope you’ll try it out. xx


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