Ride or Die TAG


Hello everyone. Today I’m doing a new TAG. I was tagged by lovely Lemaslife. So we are going to talk about my ultimate favorite makeup products today. To be honest it was hard to pick up just one makeup item in each category. Who loves makeup knows the struggle when you just need to choose one product. But, I made my list, so let’s go.

PRIMER – Revelique makeup gel base
FOUNDATIONLoreal Lumi Magique
CONCEALERCatrice camouflage cream
FACE POWDER – Rimmel Stay Matte powder
SETTING POWDER – ARTDECO Fixing powder (review)
BLUSH – Max Factor Cream Puff Blush (Nude Mauve)
BRONZERCatrice Sun Club bronzing powder – Medium
HIGHLIGHTER – Essence eye shadow (The Grammy Goes Glammy)
MASCARA – Loreal Miss Manga
LIPSTICK – Essence Shine and Color (Cute Nude)
Rimmel Provocalips (Make your move)
LIPLINER – Essence lip liner (Satin Mauve)
LIP GLOSS – Avon 3D Plumping lip gloss (Nude)
LASHES – Depend Individual False lashes
EYESHADOW PALETTE – Catrice Chocolate Nudes (review)
SETTING SPRAY – Avon makeup setting spray
PERFUME – Cerruti 1881 by Nino Cerruti

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My nominees


So, those are my ultimate favorite makeup products. Hopefully this was interesting to read. Did you try any of these products before? Do you like them? If you decide to do this tag as well let me know, I would love to read it. Thank you for reading.

37 thoughts on “Ride or Die TAG

  1. Thanks so much for tagging me! I was thinking of doing a “full face of favorites” post so I will definitely be doing this tag later this week! How long does it take you to apply the individual lashes? It takes me so long to put on just regular ones 😦

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  2. Oh that’s such a good idea, can’t wait to read it and see the final look. It really depends, sometimes I put them in like a minute, but sometimes I struggle with them for 10-15 minutes. xx

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  3. It’s so difficult to pick Ride or Die items! I like to be fair to all my makeup, lol! XD
    I do like that Avon setting spray a lot too. 🙂
    Thanks for tagging me!

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  4. Somehow, I thought this was an award haha :p, hence the ‘congratulations’… I love the Catrice HD concealer! You should definitely also give that a try. That Catrice eyeshadow pallet, I’ve been so hesitant to buy… I’m using the Essence It’s all about eyeshadows pallet. And so, I’m not sure whether I’d want to add another basics pallet from Catrice. They look very pretty though… xoxo Sarah

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  5. I usually use Catrice palette if I want to do smokey look, for day to day basis I’m lazy with eyeshadow. I’ll definitely try that Catrice concealer as I love most of their stuff. xx

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