ARTDECO Golden Bronze Oil Drops Review


Hello everyone. Today I’m doing review on one of my favorite products of the moment. When I first tried this product on ARTDECO counter I feel in love. So, I decided to share my opinion with you all today, because you guys need to know about this product. So, let’s start with this post.

Let’s get it straight, I’m obsessed with this product. I use it every single day before I apply makeup. It’s such an essential for my day to day life. So you already know that this review is going to be praise to this product. In my opinion it’s really luxurious product to have, especially if you love glowy and bronzed skin. It comes in glass bottle and you get 13 ml of product or 0.43 fl.oz. It also comes in rose gold box, where you can read more info about product and ingredients.


This is ultimate product for warmer weather, especially if you love to give your skin some color and loads of glow. I use it alone or I mix it with my moisturizer. If my skin needs a little bit more moisture I will use it in combination with moisturizer, because it is not super moisturizing oil. I feel like for people with normal skin it would be good moisturizing oil, but as my skin can get really dry I like to mix it with moisturizer. It works well either way really, so it is up to you, how you are going to use it. This oil has combination of jojoba oil and bisabolol that is really good for calming skin, especially after sun burns.

ARTDECO says that this is light care oil with subtle shimmer for an even, radiant summer complexion. I can’t really agree with “subtle” thing. I mean it gives a lot of glow, it is not too much but it does have some big gold sparkles in it. There is a lot of really tiny gold particles that look gorgeous, but there is also some big gold chunks that annoy me a little bit. Good thing is when you apply foundation you can’t really see that big chunks of glitter. I wouldn’t wear this without foundation on face, because as I said some of gold particles can be annoying. It looks beautiful on body if you mix it with some oil or body moisturizer. Also, I love that this oil gives a little bit of bronzed color to the face, it makes so much difference to the way your skin looks.


Is this a must have product to have? Well, in my opinion it’s not if you are not a person that is obsessed with glow and glowy skin. As I love to add as much glow as I possibly can, for me it is a must have product. I have been using it so much since I got it, that I think it was completely worth not so little price tag. But I did get this one with 70% discount, which made it a lot more affordable. I would recommend this product because I really use it every single day and I like the effect it gives.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Do you have some glow enhancing products in your stash that you can’t live without. Please share them with all of us, so we can maybe try them out. Did you try anything from ARTDECO before, do you like any of their products?

27 thoughts on “ARTDECO Golden Bronze Oil Drops Review

  1. They are. I love your writing!! Have of ever considered doing more personal posts or is beauty really your cup of tea? I would love to read about your life and get to know you better?

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  2. I did few tags and Q&A before, where I shared a little bit more about my personality. But, I’m definitely going to do more personal posts in future, because I feel like it is really important aspect of every blog. xx

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  3. I will love to read about you dear. But your beauty posts are amazing. You’re one of my favorites!! and I don’t read that many beauty blogs!! I just love your personality and your writing and how nice you are and how you comment on everyone’s posts, always being so kind!

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  4. Thank you so much. I try to give as much support to everyone, because everyone is working really hard on their blogs. Blogging is hard work, so we really have to support each others. xx

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  5. ARTDECO sounds like it is a good product
    I love how truthful you were with the products, I will love to give it a try

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