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5 minute makeup challenge


I saw this as a video form on you tube, but I though to do it in blog post. Why not, I feel like we can make everything into a blog post. I would love to see all you bloggers do this as well, because I had wicked time doing this makeup. It was a struggle I’m not gonna lie, but it was super fun. This is my usual kinda everyday makeup with some changes of course. As a base I decided to go super simple, using BB cream, concealer and powder. I can’t skip bronzer as a step in makeup routine even if I have 5 minutes to do it. I feel like bronzer makes whole look complete, skin looks radiant and healthy. Of course I have to add a bit of highlighter, I just love it and for me there isn’t a makeup look without it. It is my favorite makeup product ever.


As I have naturally thick brows I used Essence make me brow gel mascara. It gives such a natural bushy eyebrows. For eyes I went just for mascara and little bit of eyeshadow, it is easy, simple but it makes a big difference. Of course I used a little bit of bronzer in crease and shimmery nude shadow all over lid. Lips, one of my favorite lipstick, Essence Shine & Color lipstick in shade Cute nude. Thats my whole look, very simple, but I manage to do it under 5 minutes. So, for all lazy girls out there you can take 5 minutes to do really nice makeup look, that makes quite a difference.


Sorry that makeup doesn’t look perfect on my skin. I had terrible break out, especially on my chin, so you can see it on photos, it’s a little bit cakey around there. But, what can you do, it’s that time of the month, real life I guess. We are keeping it real guys! I didn’t want to do all that crazy shit in photoshop to make me look blurred and flawless that 90% of girls do on Instagram. Sometimes makeup doesn’t look perfect and that’s real life, no one has time to edit pictures to perfection.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. I hope that some of you will take this challenge as well, I would love to see it. Let me know if you decide to do it as well. I actually really like how this makeup look turned up, I think it looks really fresh.

57 thoughts on “5 minute makeup challenge

  1. For me the bronzer is such a essential in makeup routine. It makes such a difference to the way you look. I feel like this 5 minute makeup might be my new every day makeup, because it looks fresh, healthy and really natural. xx

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  2. Yes that would be awesome then the whole community could enjoy it, so many people could benefit from it, nothing worse than someone looking surprised all the time lol, thanks Azra your the best💙💙💙

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