What’s in my everyday mini bag ? Bag review !


Hello everyone. Since I posted my Fashion haul post on blog a lot of people asked me to write a review of this bag and What’s in my bag post, because the bag is super small and I suppose you guys wanted to see what you can fit in this bag. So today I’m going to talk more about this super cute mini bag that I’m obsessed with at the moment. So let’s start with this post and review on the bag.

So this is Penelope and Monica Cruz bag from their Cinzia Cruz collection. Name of the bag is Mini Princess bag  in crocodile print. This bag comes in 6 different shades, which is amazing because you can really choose what you like. I went for super simple, minimal and chic black. I wanted to get gray one, because gray is my favorite color. But I didn’t like combination of gray and antique gold hardware, it just didn’t look good in my opinion. So, this is super small bag. Past two years these bags have been all over magazines and a lot of people love them. I love the YSL Sac the Jour in nano size, it’s just so pretty. But it is super expensive for me so I needed to find something similar, but still budget friendly. This bag is in crocodile print which does make it unique and quite stylish. You guys know that I’m all about simple, casual style with a chic bag as a accessory. I do love this bag and wear it a lot. It’s perfect cross body bag that can fit all my daily essentials without over packing and just caring a lot of stuff that I actually don’t need. It’s going to be my staple bag for casual weekends and just when I’m going shopping or just to drink coffee with friends. This bag is definitely not for everyone, because it is quite different and not everyone’s taste.


What have I been caring in this bag? To be honest you can’t fit shit tone of stuff. But for everyday essentials it’s good size. As a weather is a lot more sunny I have to have sunglasses in my bag. Of course gum, because it is an absolute essential for every day. Wipes, again super simple but an essential. My wallet is from Lindex, it’s not my favorite thing ever because it is not totally my style, but it’s the only smaller wallet that I own. I need to buy a card holder, I’m still looking for perfect one. My phone and earphones are a necessity because I’m always listening to The Weeknd, it’s just part of my everyday life. Lip balm and lip gloss is something I always have in my bag doesn’t matter is it big or small one. Fragrance, because you always have to smell good. This one is from Avon, it’s their Little Black Dress fragrance that is really sexy and sophisticated. Past couple of months I need to have some sort of facial spray in my bag. It’s totally worth having it, because not only it refreshes your makeup it makes it last a lot longer. Also, if I’m super hot I use it to refresh my body as well. This one is calendula toner I think, I got it in drugstore. I just carry it in this small spray bottle, try it guys, you won’t regret it.


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So, that’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know do you like this bag, or is it too small and not functional for you? Do you have any mini bags in your collection? What are your must have products in everyday bag? Thank you for reading.

49 thoughts on “What’s in my everyday mini bag ? Bag review !

  1. The bag is super cute!! I prefer huge bags, though! I always carry so many things. Btw, Cruz is my last name lol It would be fun to wear a bag with my last name xx

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  2. What a cute bag! I used to have a tiny bag years ago that I adored from Accessorize, before I realised there were lots of things I probably don’t really need that I suddenly couldn’t go without having with me! Most times I go out now I need to take stoma supplies too which means a bigger bag (sigh!) If I’ve got pockets then I’ll take my phone and a lipbalm/vaseline in there, and in my bag I make sure to always have a compact hairbrush/mirror, tissues, purse and a lip colour (loving the Rimmel Colour Rush chubby stick balm at the moment). x

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  3. Hey girl. I’m happy we can connect, glad you enjoy my content. I’ll check some of your posts right now. Thank you for the support. xx


  4. I’m looking to find perfect small hair brush, but didn’t see any that I like. That’s definitely essential for everyday. These small bags are so popular at the moment, I just can’t resist them. xx


  5. What a cute bag! Love it 🙂 ❤️ I usually stick to picking bags slightly larger than yours; that leaves just enough room for me to pack everything I need with me on a regular basis going out. I enjoyed this post! xx

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  6. Thank you. I have big handbag collection with a lot of different size bags, just for every occasion. Lately I have been really into using mini bags, just because they are super cute and easy to style. xx


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