Essence Color & Care Strengthening nail polish Review


Hello everyone! Today I have a new review for you all. I really enjoy doing them now, even thought I really hated the idea of review. I always thought that is boring to read, but as you guys enjoy reading them I’m doing more of them. Also, it’s really fun to test out the product and do review, because that way I can recommend something to you. Let’s start with this review.

So packing is standard nail polish packing, glass bottle. I think it looks really nice and it’s really nice as a prop for flatlays or some makeup photos. You get 10 ml of product or 0.33 oz. In this collection you have 3 shades available. I got mine in shade 02 – I care for you. But there is also white shade and yellowy nude also. This one is pale pink shade, so I decided that it is perfect for spring time. To be honest I’m not the biggest fan of pale pink nail polishes, but I’m starting to really like this one. This nail polish was featured in my drugstore haul post, you can see it here.


I have a lot of Essence nail treatments and I really like them. They are super affordable and they do make difference to strength of my nails. My absolute favorite one is Essence Studio nails Anti Split Nail Sealer, I talked about it in my February favorites, you can check the post here. Because I like that one so much I decided to try this one that has color in it. So, this nail treatment is made with natural ingredients. They say that this is 2 in 1 nail polish for healthy looking nails and trendy color. It is supposed to strength and protect nails from daily stress.

This nail polish is easy to apply. The brush is a little bit bigger than with usual nail polishes, but that makes it super easy and quick treatment to do. If you are good with applying nail polish this one is going to be super easy and quick also. If you are not the best at applying nail polish this one may be a struggle, because as I said brush is a little bit bigger. To get opaque color you need at least 2 coats, because one coat looks really weird and patchy. It dries really quickly, after you apply one coat you can right away apply other one. The color is really pretty and girly in my opinion. As I said I’m not a massive fan of this kind of shades, but I did get a lot of compliments when I wore this nail polish. People really like how it looks on nails, especially if you have longer nails. It doesn’t last for a really long time. It lasts for about 2 – 3 days, which is alright, but I can be really lazy with my nails, so I need a little bit longer staying power. For strengthening properties I’m not sure, but it is really gentle on nails. Also, I feel like it protects my nails from chipping, which is pretty good because my nails aren’t the strongest.


Finally, I do like this nail polish. I think it is a great idea to have 2in1, especially for all of us who don’t have a lot of time to do nails. Also, it is really affordable, so it’s not going to break a bank. I will update you about strengthening properties, but so far it has been really good. Did you try this nail treatment before? Did you try any of Essence nail polishes, what do you think about them? Thank you so much for reading.

48 thoughts on “Essence Color & Care Strengthening nail polish Review

  1. I have several polishes from this range, and I really like them as they’re subtle and nice x).


  2. I vaguely remember using an Essence colour years ago, if my memory serves correctly. I’ve been using an older Rimmel nail strengthener and protector but it’s not sold any more so I’ll have to check this one out! x

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  3. I’m also not impressed with lasting power, it’s about 2 days which is really not enough. But I do wear top coat with this one, so it lasts up to 4 days which is good. xx

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  4. It’s really hard to find Essence face products, shade range unfortunately is pretty poor. But I do think they are one of the best drugstore brands with such an awesome price. xx

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  5. They are. I bought a eye shadow palette recently and really like it. I do have a lot of their nail products. The only real stinker I bought from Essence was a nail stamping kit. Total waste of money.

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  6. I was the same until I found the right shade of bronzer for my skin. It changes the way your skin and makeup looks completely. Right now I can’t do makeup look without bronzer. xx

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  7. I usually buy most of Essence products. It really seems like lately they have so many amazing products to offer. xx


  8. Azra AssalamAlaikum, col is nice but Nail polish is harm ful. Nail care products contain toxic and potentially hazardous ingredient chemicals can damage nervous system, hormones and have been linked with illnesses like cancer and fertility problems . Sorry for iam saying this

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  9. I can totally understand what are you saying, because I’m working with chemicals every day. I try to stick to safer options when it comes to nail polishes and I always protect my nails before I apply any nail polish. That’s why I did review on this one, because it is actually really nice and not harmful, as it is made with natural ingredients. Thank you for your concern. 🙂

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  10. Sorry for double-commenting haha, I just had a question that might be kind of silly or that everyone knows the answer to- but how do you get your posts to keep popping up at the top of the Reader page? x

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  11. No problem, I’m here to help. You just have to re schedule it to current date and time. If you need me to explain it step by step, just send me Instagram message and I’ll. xx


  12. I first thought this was a caring coat of polish, not to apply it as colored nail polish. Silly me, as it is written on the packaging :p. I really love Essence nail polish. And if you use the primer and gel top coat, it does last a whole week! xoxo Sarah

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