Loreal Lumi Magique light infusing foundation Review


Hello everyone. Today I have review on foundation that was featured in my first ever blog post. If you want to check out my first blog post click here. It was my everyday makeup routine and this foundation was part of it. I go through phases of wearing this a lot, then forgetting about it. I’m on spending money on makeup ban currently, because I have so much makeup literally, it’s freaking crazy. So I was “shopping my stash” and I found this one. I started using it again in my day to day routine. So, I decided to write a review on this super popular Loreal foundation. Let’s start!

This foundation comes in glass bottle, with rose gold plastic pump. I really like how it looks, it’s one of prettiest foundation bottles that I own actually. You get 30 ml of product, which is standard foundation size. This foundation has spf 18, which is not that high, but I suppose it’s alright for day to day life, if you use moisturizer with higher spf underneath.


This foundation is formulated with light infusing technology that gives flawless skin with lit (glow) from within. I can agree that this foundation is really glowy on skin. That is main reason why I love this foundation for every day wear. It is just so easy to use. It’s like a tinted moisturizer, very light on skin. It has light coverage, you can build it up, but to be honest I prefer to wear it almost sheer. I love to wear it almost sheer, because it gives that ”your skin but better” finish. It is almost invisible on skin, which I really like. It is super glowy and dewy, also I can say hydrating. I didn’t notice that this one dry out my skin, which can definitely happen with foundations. As I already said it is light coverage, it won’t cover a lot. But I like to use it in combination with maybe full coverage concealer for spots and imperfections. Also, I like to mix this foundation with Essence camouflage 2in1 makeup and concealer foundation. I have review on that Essence foundation, you can check it out here. Essence foundation gives coverage, while Loreal one adds a lot of glow and radiance to the skin. So I like these two in combination, because they really make my skin flawless. But, if I have really good skin, I usually use Loreal foundation alone, because I like how light it is on my skin. This foundation is also good for those “sick” days when you are not feeling the best. Because it gives a lot of radiance and life back to the skin. It lasts quite well on my skin through day. Of course I need to re apply powder during day on my T zone, but that is normal for me, because my T zone is just crazy oily.


Finally I really recommend this foundation to anyone that loves that natural finish with light coverage. If you love to have that no foundation skin, then this foundation is for you. I could also recommend it to anyone who loves dewy, radiant skin. Did you try this foundation before? What do you think about it? Thank you so much for reading.

37 thoughts on “Loreal Lumi Magique light infusing foundation Review

  1. I always shy away from finishes that say luminous because I assume they will be greasy looking. I do like a natural sheen but similar to you, I have oily t-zone (especially my chin and nose). I like the idea of mixing this foundation with something else though. And the packaging is so nice too!

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  2. I always struggle with having really oily T zone and chin area, because I like dewy foundations. It’s annoying using powder, but it’s just a must for me during day. xx


  3. This is actually my best friend’s holy grail foundation of all time, I ordered it online once but the shade was too pink and it’s been out of stock ever since! So annoyed, I want to try it so badly. Your description sounds literally like exactly what I look for in foundations. Loved reading this! X

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  4. Just creeping on your comments here but can I say that’s literally me haha. I have combo skin with an oily t zone too but I don’t own a single matte foundation, I just love the finish of dewy foundations! I’ve just learnt to accept being a greasy mess halfway through the day haha x

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  5. The shade range is really bad here as well, I have to mix this one with lighter foundation. I think they should make this foundation in more colors. I hope you’ll try it soon, because it is really amazing. xx


  6. Haha, me too. Nothing that a bit of powder can’t fix. Having glowy skin is such a must for me, I always buy dewy foundations, it’s an obsession. xx

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  7. Thanks for this review! I’ve actually never seen this foundation before. I do like a good medium coverage though… Maybe I’ll try it, after I’ve reviewed all 6 foundations I still have lying around haha! xoxo Sarah

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  8. I’m not usually a fan of Loreal foundations but this one is really good. I know the struggle girl, I also have so many of them, that’s why I’m on shopping ban. xx

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