ARTDECO Bronzing powder compact Review


Hello everyone. Today I’m doing review on really interesting product, that is bronzer from ARTDECO. I got so many requests to do review about this bronzer, I suppose a lot of people are interested to know is it a good buy? Let me tell you my opinion about it! ARTDECO is makeup artist type of brand like Mac, but with more affordable prices. I tried some of their products before so I wanted to try more. I picked this bronzer because I never had 2 toned bronzer before, it really looked interesting. Also it looks super pretty and I love bronzers so it was a must buy product.

So the packing of this bronzer is rose gold which is just amazing. It comes in rose gold box that has information about the product. They say that this bronzer is velvety soft texture, barely felt on skin, long lasting, enriched with vitamin E. This bronzer doesn’t contain parabens and it is fragrance free. So that’s really good for people with sensitive skin. This compact is actually pretty heavy and it feels amazing quality. You get 10 g of product, which is standard powder compact size. The good thing is that it is refillable, so you can buy refill of product, you don’t need to pay money on packing again. In this compact you get mirror as well, which is really good and also you can do your makeup on the go. My bronzer is in shade 50, I think they have different shades of this product. But, I think this is the darkest shade that they have. I choose it because I love bronzed skin, so I wanted it to be darker. So as you can see packing is orangy brown shade with rose gold trim and writing. It is really pretty, I love it.


Bronzer is two toned. The way I use it I basically mix these two shades together to create custom shade. I think that’s the best way to use it, because lighter shade is almost like setting powder and it doesn’t give a lot of pigment. Darker shade has a lot of gold shimmer. So this is not mat bronzer. I actually prefer mat bronzers, but during summer I like to use something that gives a little bit glow as well. This bronzer is really soft. The first time I used it, I swirl my brush in it and it had so much powder kick off. I was really disappointed with that, but I kinda expected it because it is so soft in texture. But second time I basically pressed my brush in bronzer and it picked just the right amount of product. Since then I didn’t use it any other way, because this way you don’t lose product, there is no powder kick off and you get just the right amount of bronzer. It is such a beautiful, natural bronzed color. It basically gives you that perfect sun kissed look. In my opinion it doesn’t look like you are wearing bronzer, which is amazing, especially for “no makeup” makeup days. It blends beautifully, you can’t go overboard with product because you can always blend it out. You can’t see shimmer on skin, but it does look glowy. It’s not too much, it is really subtle glow.


This bronzer is really amazing, I can totally recommend it. It is beautiful for every day natural sun kissed look. I think that quality is really there, so I don’t mind to give a little bit more money for it. I hope you guys will try it also.

That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this review. Did you try this bronzer before, what do you think about it? Did you use ARTDECO products before, do you like them? Thank you for reading.


30 thoughts on “ARTDECO Bronzing powder compact Review

  1. The compact design is so pretty!
    I much prefer a subtle bronzer that can be built-up. This definitely looks like a higher-end product – I get almost a Clarins bronzer vibe from it.

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  2. Definitely, the packing, formula, how it looks on the skin is giving those high-end product vibes. I’m really happy that more affordable brands do this kind of products. xx

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