My Morning Routine – Spring ’17


Hello everyone! Today I’m finally talking about my morning routine. I wanted to do this post for really long time, but to be honest my morning routine is pretty basic and quite boring. So, I felt like it’s not so interesting to write about it. But, I wanted to share more lifestyle with you all and also so many of you wanted to know how my usual morning is, so that’s why I’m doing this post. Let’s start, let me explain how my usual morning is!

So I usually wake up around 7, sometimes it’s a little bit earlier and sometimes I sleep up to 9. I try to stick to the same sleeping pattern, because it’s so much better for health and energy level. So, I wake up around 7, refresh myself in bathroom, brush my teeth and other stuff. Then I go to my room, make the bed. I need to do that first thing, because if my room doesn’t look good and neat, my mind goes crazy. I’m a little bit of control freak, to be honest. Then, I get into my working out clothes and eat a banana or some peanuts, or dry fruit to get some energy for my work out. I’m super hungry in morning so for me some food before workout is a MUST. If I don’t eat anything before work out I can’t give my best while working out, so I always eat something before. I try to work out about 6 times a week. I leave Sunday as my rest day. I have different exercises and programs, if you want separate blog post about it, let me know and I can do it for you. Of course sometimes I don’t manage to work out that much, it’s all about how busy I’m during the week. So I usually work out for an hour, or a little bit more, sometimes a little bit less, it depends on what I have to do that day. After workout, I take quick shower and do my skin care routine. My morning skin care routine is super simple, you can see products that I use on photo. If you want me to write an updated morning skin care routine, let me know and I can totally do it.


Then, it’s time for breakfast, my favorite. I love breakfast, it’s my favorite meal of the day. I usually have cereals or porridge. But, sometimes I switch it up to poached eggs, that’s also one of my favorite breakfast to have. My ultimate favorite breakfast is avocado on toast, but avocado is pretty expensive here, so I don’t have it every day. With breakfast I have a big cup of tea, it’s usually cranberry or green tea with milk. Sometimes, I go with mint or black tea. It’s all about my wishes and feeling in the morning. Also, if I’m feeling super sleepy I would have big cup of coffee instead of tea. After breakfast, I usually clean the house a little bit. Because I’m super clean person, my life space has to be like that as well. When I finish with cleaning I go to my room to properly get ready for the day. So, it’s time for makeup and hair. If I have some extra time I like to do face mask, this time I did black mineral mask, that’s why I look super crazy in photo. I just wanted to show it to you guys, I look so crazy haha.

On my usual day to day basis I don’t wear a lot of makeup, it’s 5 minute, super simple face. It’s actually pretty similar look to this one from my 5 minute makeup challenge. As I’m all about bronzed and glowy skin, my makeup look is all about bronzer and highlighter to be honest. So, it doesn’t take a long time, it’s actually really relaxing and I love doing my makeup in morning. I forgot to write that all this time I listen to the music. Some of my favorite singers to listen to are: The Weeknd (the ultimate favorite), Zayn and Beyonce. I’m pretty simple when it comes to music I listen to. Then it’s time for outfit, it’s again something simple, casual and comfy. I usually take chic bag, to make my outfit a little bit more interesting and stylish. Before I leave the house, I make myself a big cup of coffee in thermal mug so I can have it on the go. Sometimes I will buy it in city, but I usually prefer to make it at home.


As I work from home sometimes I don’t even leave the house. So I stay in and do my work on laptop. But usually I have to leave the house, that’s when I do my makeup and hair. If I’m staying at home I wouldn’t do any of those to be honest. You know I like to be super chilled and fuss free.

Spring Essentials – Makeup
Spring Essentials – Skin Care
Spring Makeup Look

There you go, that’s my super simple and easy morning routine. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know is your morning routine similar to mine, or you do things differently? Also, let me know would you like to see, my night time routine, that is actually a lot more interesting than morning. Thank you for reading!

63 thoughts on “My Morning Routine – Spring ’17

  1. Yess, I’d absolutely love to read an updated skincare routine! The products you use are so unique I’d love to read more about them. Also, I’m the exact same, never put on makeup if I’m staying in to work. Sometimes I feel like maybe I should, use those days to test out makeup and stuff. Loved reading this xx

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  2. I’ll definitely do updated skin care routine then. I just can’t wear makeup if I’m just chilling at home, I don’t like to touch my face when I have makeup on, probably that’s why. xx


  3. Thank you dear so much. I will do work out routine asap. I’m working as a beauty journalist, so it’s like I have two beauty blogs, hehe. xx


  4. Great post, would love to see a night time routine. I also usually wake up around 7, feeling like I’ve been starved so I use the bathroom, get something to eat, brush my teeth/wash face after and check my blog/social media. I often take this time to read a few posts or reads book. If I’m going somewhere, I would take a shower after eating, fix my hair and head out. I only wear makeup on super special occasions lol.

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  5. Thank you. I’ll do night time routine also. I also check blog and social media if I have time in morning, but usually I have to head out. I do that in my night time routine lol. I most often wear makeup, because it is something that my job kinda requires so it’s a must hehe. xx

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  6. Oh, Azra! You know how much I love this kind of post. Just loved it. You’re super organized. Just realized I have no idea of what you do for a living. Can you say? (it’s totally fine if you can’t for privacy reasons)! xx

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  7. Nope, not at all. I go to bed really late, so I get 5, if I’m lucky 7 hours of sleep. Breakfast is a must for my daily routine for sure. xx


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