Planet Spa Caribbean Escape Luxurious Bath Elixir Review


Hello everyone! Today I’m doing another review on Planet Spa product. It’s not a secret that I love Planet Spa stuff. I just think they are awesome quality and pretty good price. Product that I’m going to review today is such an pamper product for all bath lovers out there. I wouldn’t necessarily say that this is a must product to try, because it is not a staple, but if you love to take a bath and love luxurious stuff, then you gotta try it.

First of all, packing is really nice. I really love when brands use gold on packing. It feel so much better and more luxurious that way. This bath product comes in box even, which is really nice, because it feels more special that way. You get 250 ml of product which is really nice amount.

So, if you like bath products you would love this one. I feel like it adds something to bath, maybe it’s just me being a bath addict, but I feel like my bath is so much better when I add a little bit of this one. I usually add Lush bath bomb, or some kind of creamer for bath and this bath product. You are supposed to use lid to measure how much product you want to use. They say that one lid is enough for one bath, but for me it’s not. My bath is really big and to be honest it takes a lot of time to fill it, so I have to use more of this elixir. The product itself is really nice quality and very luxurious. It is soft creamy liquid with a lot of shimmer. This formula is enhanced with sea salt, crushed pearls and sea algae. It is really nice luxury product to own, especially for a beauty lover.


The scent is amazing, really potent and sensual. I feel like it’s almost like an expensive fragrance that really elegant lady would wear. I really like the scent and I’m glad I own a product like this. It makes quite a bit of foam and bubbles. This elixir makes water really soft and it feels nourishing on skin. Because it has a lot of shimmer in it, you can see shimmer in bath, which is really pretty. It leaves skin look and feel amazing. I would recommend it if you are bath obsessed as me.

Over all I think it is a nice, very luxurious product. Do you need it in your life? No, you don’t, unless you love a bath time and bath products. I have to say it is amazing edition to all of my bath stuff. What to tell you, I love a good bath. Also, I feel like this product would be amazing gift for a beauty lover, or if you are bridesmaid, it would be an amazing present for a bride to be.


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That’s everything for today. I hope you liked this review on really interesting product in my opinion. Thank you for reading. Let me know would you like to try this product and what do you think is it worth to give money for? Also, are you shower or bath type of person? I’m such a bath person, just love a good bath, it’s amazing time! Thank you for reading.


25 thoughts on “Planet Spa Caribbean Escape Luxurious Bath Elixir Review

  1. If I had a bigger bath tub I’d definitely want to try this out lol. I love a relaxing bubble bath but hate it in a small one, or if the tub is very low.

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  2. My bath is so big, it takes so much time to fill it. So sometimes I get lazy waiting for it to be full, but it’s worth to treat yourself sometimes. Bath time is literally the best thing ever hehe. xx

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