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My eye brow routine – How I take care of my eye brows?


Hello everyone! Today I have new blog post which is all about my brows and my eye brow routine. I actually never thought that people like my eye brows, but in some of previous blog posts a lot of you said that you like my brows and that you would like to read about my eye brow routine. So today I’m sharing my routine with all of you and I’m also giving you some tips on how to keep your eye brows in the best condition as possible. Let’s start with this really requested post!

Let me first tell you something about my brows, how they are really like? I have naturally hairy and thick brows. Is it fortune or not, I’m not really sure. I don’t really have any special routine to be honest, because my brows already look done. I have pretty thick brow hair which means that during day my brows can get really messy. Also, I have really long eye brow hair so I have to trim them regularly.


I do my brows usually once a week. My eye brow hair grows really fast, so it is really important for me to take about 5 – 10 minutes once a week to do them. I use tweezers to just shape them and take away unnecessarily hair. I trim my brows once every third week or once a month. I think it is really important to trim brows regularly if you have long eye brow hair. I usually use just a simple spoolie or mascara wand to brush eye brow hair nicely and small scissors. I brush hair up so I can see how much I want to cut. Be super careful to don’t cut too much, because you’ll end up without eye brows. Just take your time and be sure your brows are well brushed out. When you trim your brows for the first time it can seem like a hard work, but by time you really learn how to do it. So take your time and be confident, because you can definitely do it. You know your face the best, so there is no better person to do it. Also why would you pay to beauty salon to do it, when it is super simple and basic thing to do?

Hopefully that was helpful or at least informative. For filling in my eyebrows I usually use eye brow pencil. My two favorites are Astor eye brow pencil (Brown) and Avon Eye Brow Definer (Dark Brown). I sometimes use powders to fill in my brows, just some dark brown eye shadow or Catrice eye brow set. For me it’s really important to use some kind of eye brow gel, just to help my brows to stay in place for whole day. I’m currently using Essence Make me brow eye brow gel mascara (Browny Brows) which is really good.  I don’t always do my brows, sometimes I just leave them the way they are, in their natural condition, because I love how simple it looks.


I would recommend to everyone and I mean everyone (girls and boys) to use some kind of clear eye brow gel, it keeps brows perfect looking for whole day. It’s not really a makeup product, it’s more like you use hair gel in your hair why not using something like that on brows as well. I mean messy brows aren’t really a nice look for anyone, doesn’t matter are you into your look or not.

Now let’s get on to some of my tips for eye brows

1. I already said this but you have to own some kind of clear eye brow gel. It will keep your brows nice looking all day long and it’s really an essential. Also if you want to add some thickness to your brows use something like Essence Make me brow or Benefit Gimme Brow gel. When you have brows in place all day it gives shape to your face and really makes you look a lot better.

2. Always apply some cream before you plug your eye brows. It will basically soften the skin, so it won’t be as painful and hair will come out a lot easier. This is one of the best tips I learned over time, but I’m sure most people already know about it.

3. Give your brows some time while growing them out. It took me quite a while to get my brows to look the best way possible. When I was younger I used to plug out my brows so much. You can see how my brows looked in my Hair journey post here. I don’t know why, but I hated how thick my brows were, so I used to change them so much that I looked weird. Your natural eye brow shape is probably the best suitable for you and you face. Of course you can make them look better with some work, but don’t try anything drastic.

4. You don’t need to make your brows perfect. It is totally fine that our brows are not the same, I have different eye brows and I’m really not too bothered about it.

5. If you don’t have a lot of eye brow hair there is some natural ways to thicken your brows. One of the most popular is castor oil. Some of my friends tried this and it really worked for them, so I definitely suggest you to try it.

That’s everything from me today. I hope this post was helpful or at least informative for you all. Let me know do you have complicated eye brow routine or you are super simple like me? How important is your eye brow routine for you? If you have some tips related to eye brows, please share them with all of us in comments! Thank you so much for reading this post!

37 thoughts on “My eye brow routine – How I take care of my eye brows?

  1. Oooh this was actually helpful to read. Crazily enough I don’t do my eyebrows, I literally just clear up my unibrow regularly but I never pluck the actual brow. I keep considering starting so I’ll definitely bookmark this for when that day comes haha. Loved reading this as always x

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  2. If you are happy with the shape of them then that is perfect routine in my opinion. I have a lot of excess hair so I need to pluck regularly. Thank you for reading. xx


  3. I used to get them threaded every couple of weeks, but now I do them myself. I find I prefer them somewhere in the middle. Mine can grow super thick, and they need to be trimmed regularly. Yours really suit your face and I think that’s the key – seeing your eyebrows as a way to enhance your features and not as a trend. 🙂

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  4. I feel like we know our face the best, so doing our brows should not be the problem. Also, it saves time and money. Thank you for your sweet comment. xx

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  5. This is such a good post, I haven’t seen anything like this yet! My eyebrows are so important to me because they’re naturally the trendy shape and arguably my best feature! I get mine threaded once a month and then pluck them when they start to grow in, about once every 1-2 weeks! My tip is to make sure to moisturize your eyebrows if you tend to have dry skin because otherwise you get flaky eyebrows!

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  6. Thank you. It’s the best to embrace what we have and don’t change it to much. So I suppose just keep it natural is the best way. 🙂

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  7. Yass! Love it. I use to get mine threaded once a month. It would last a long time it just hurt like hell! So for now I’m just leaving them be, I clean them up a little myself but nothing major. I do have some clear eyebrow gel and It definitely works wonders I was so glad I came across it. When I was younger I hated my thick brows too, but now having thicker eyebrows gives you that “desired shape” better and looks so good✨

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  8. Can’t agree more. When you have a lot of eye brow hair, they already look done and shaped, so that’s really good for saving time in morning. xx


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