My Night time Routine – Spring 2017


Hello everyone! As I already did my Morning routine post, I decided that I need to do my night time routine that is a little bit more interesting than morning. Also, a lot of you guys asked me to do this post, so of course I’m doing it. I wrote this post during Sunday night, so I’m going to write what I did on that particular Sunday. Let’s start!

First thing that I do when I come back home is get into something comfortable. I was out all day and I had really busy day this Sunday. I went shopping with my parents, then we had lunch, it was really long and quite busy day. When I came back home, my friend called me to have a coffee with her, so I got ready and went out again. I came back home at 7:30 pm and I changed to my pjs. I love my pajama, it’s so comfortable and amazing. Then I cleaned my room that was in a mess, because I was rushing to get ready in the morning. Then was time for dinner. I had quite a heavy lunch (Mexicana pizza, soo yummy), so I wasn’t super hungry. Usually I have my dinner till 7 pm, but this night I had it around 8:30 which is really late for my standards. I had really simple dinner. I had one small tomato, a little bit of low fat cheese with spices and my obsession of the moment that is Greek yogurt, it’s so creamy and delicious. Of course I had bread with it, because I can’t have dinner without bread.

After dinner it was time for my skin care routine, I decided to do a face mask. When I wear makeup for whole day I just feel like my skin gets so bad, so I try to do some kind of face mask. I used two masks, Clearskin one is with black minerals and I used it on my T zone, because it really helps with oiliness. Avon Naturals mask with carrots I used on the rest of my face. This one gives brightness and healthy glow to the skin. It’s also really nourishing which I like. After masks I really moisturized my skin with pure calendula oil. I’ll do my updated skin care routine soon, as you guys have been requesting it. So, stay tuned for that.


After skin care routine, I was reading some blog posts that I had in my readers list. I try to keep up with everyone’s posts but sometimes it’s so hard, because I follow a lot of you guys. Then I made myself a cup of mint tea and watched some yt videos, because I love to do it at night. Then I needed to write brow routine blog post, that you guys requested so I had to do it. After that I had some photos to edit, it took me an hour. I spend so much time in editing photos, it’s so annoying, but it’s part of being a blogger, right? After that I got on my social media, because I didn’t check them all day.

Btw if you don’t follow me on Instagram make sure you do, because I’m pretty active there. I also follow back all of the bloggers, because I like to show my support. Also make sure you like my FB page (Simple Serenity), because I really need some love on my fb page. I post almost daily there, so make sure you give it a like.

Then I had to do my nails, because I just felt like changing my nail color. First I used new Revelique base coat to protect my nails. I always use some kind of base coat, just because I want my nails to look and be as healthy as possible. After that I applied two coats of this Gabrini Nude nail polish in shade Nude 10. It’s really pretty peachy pink shade which is perfect for Spring time. I had this nail polish for quite some time, but this is first time I used it and I like how it looks. To finish off my nail look I used Essence Ultra Gloss nail shine top coat. It is really glossy and it dries so quickly. I just got this one and I’m already so happy with it, just because it dries so quickly and it makes every single nail polish look so glossy and beautiful. Make sure you check it out if you need a new top coat, it’s so affordable!


Then I listen to some music (from April favorites) and chilled. I have weird thing that every single night before bed I have like half hour to hour session of dancing in my room. It’s really weird but I love it. It makes me super happy and it kinda prepares me for bed, so I fell asleep easier. Also before bed I always eat one apple, because I heard it’s really good for stomach. So far it’s working for me and I do it every single night literally. Then it’s time for bed which is probably my favorite time of the day, I love sleeping. Before going to sleep I brush my teeth and spray some pillow mist on my pillow and sheets, just because it helps me to have a good night of sleep.

That’s all from me for this post. I hope you enjoyed this post even though it’s not that interesting. It’s my kind of usual night time routine which is pretty basic and simple, but I kinda love it. Let me know is your routine similar to mine? What is your favorite time of the day? Let me know your night time routine in comments! Thank you so much for reading.

36 thoughts on “My Night time Routine – Spring 2017

  1. Lovely to read about your night time routine. I like to relax with a hydrating face mask. The pillow mist is a great idea x

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  2. I love that you have a dance session before bed! 😄
    That’s so cool. I normally have no energy for dancing at the end of the day. I just sit and catch up on blog reading as well 🙂

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  3. My favorite time of day is night lol I don’t really have a routine honestly. I just get comfortable and do whatever whenever I feel is time lol. I haven’t done my nails in a while so I think I will this weekend😌

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  4. Yaaay another routine! Loved reading this so much, picked up the hand cream the other day btw and I’ve been loving it!! Completely inspired by you haha x

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  5. I just used mine up, need to buy it because it’s such a must have. So cheap but works amazingly. I’m glad you like it. xx


  6. Sounds like a pretty serene and relaxing nighttime routine! Definitely more laid-back than mine lol, at least in the skin care aspect. Calendula oil, face masks, and pillow mists are all really awesome, too! Great post! 🙂

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  7. Thank you girl. I like chilled time before sleep, so it’s all about minimal routine. Btw I can’t follow your blog, it said that it’s private, so I don’t know how to follow you. xx

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  8. That is really odd… I don’t know why it’s saying that it is private. I will have to try and change that… Thank you though!

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  9. Thank you dear! I think I did fix it… I mean I found the section under the settings to change it from private to public and it was already public but i made sure… so maybe now it works? idk i’m unfortunately still getting the hang of things! lol thank you though 🙂

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  10. Azra if you wanna try and search for it manually it’s
    I’m really not sure why but it’s giving a few people problems when they try to view and follow my blog. it’s kind of annoying! :/ but i appreciate you trying to follow me!

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