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Drama Queen Makeup Look


Hello everyone! Last night I had an inspiration to create more dramatic kind of makeup look, because I’m usually all about natural makeup and wearing neutral colors. I wanted to go all out with makeup and I decided to take a few photos and share the look with you all. I hope you’ll like it. It was a shame that I needed to take off this makeup right away, but at least I had fun doing this look. I don’t usually go for dark smokey eye because I’m not sure it suits me really well. But I decided to experiment and I quite like the final result. I did use falsies as well, these are very dramatic and full. I got them in dollar store, they were really cheap. They don’t look the best, but for this look I think that they work.

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For my base I used Garnier BB cream because my skin is really dry at the moment, so I needed something moisturizing and illuminating. I used Essence Stay all day concealer under the eyes. As a setting powder I used my trusty Artdeco fixing powder (review). For bronzer I used Revelique bronzer in shade Sun Kissed. As a blush I used Essence Mosaic Blush in shade Kissed by the Sun (review). I used first shade from Catrice CHOCOLATE NUDES eye shadow palette (review) as a highlighter. I did use quite a lot, because you guys know that I’m all about that highlight for night time looks. For lips I used combination of Essence long lasting lip liner in shade Girl next door and Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick (Notting Hill Nude). My eye brows look pretty messy because I’m trying to grow them a little bit more because I’m really into thicker brow look currently. I just used Essence Make me brow eye brow gel mascara (Browny Brows).


Finally on the eyes that are star of this look. I used Avon eye shadow base just to give a nice base for eye shadows. I set that with second shade in Catrice eye shadow palette. Then I used 3rd shade from the same palette as a transition shade. I added a little bit of same Revelique bronzer just to add more warmth in crease, because I prefer that look. Then I used eye shadow that inspired this whole makeup look. I got it yesterday and I’m obsessed with it. It’s Essence Midnight Masquerate effect eye shadow in the shade “Spooktactular Night”. I posted a picture of this eye shadow on my insta stories, so make sure to check it out. It’s like a burgundy brown with rose gold shimmer. It’s so pretty honestly. I used it on flat shadow brush that I wet with some fixing spray (Avon). I used it all over lid. Then I decided to deep up the crease, so I used last shade in Catrice eye shadow palette. In inner corners I used first shade from the same palette. I did add a little bit of rose gold shade on top of Essence shadow, just to add a little bit more shimmer. The rose gold shade is from same Catrice palette. Then I decided to smoke everything out with Essence I love Nude eye shadow in shade “Coffee bean”. I used that shade on lower lash line also.


For mascara I used Avon Super Extend Winged out mascara in black. I also used a little bit of Essence gel eye pencil in shade “Cloudy White”. That is basically just a white gel liner. I used it in my water line just to open up the eyes a little bit more. Because I used falsies and quite dark eye shadows I needed a little bit brightness. So those are the eyes, it’s quite a lot of products but I did manage to use just one eye shadow palette, so in case you want to recreate this look you can do it with one eye shadow palette. I also used a little bit of liquid eye liner just to hide falsies band, to make it look a little bit more polished. Guys check out that Essence eye shadow on my insta stories, it’s honestly so breath taking! Check out my review on Catrice palette that I used to create this look.

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So, that’s everything from me today. I actually just did one makeup look for the blog (Spring Night time makeup look for parties), but this is another one, it’s a little bit more dramatic. Also, you guys said that you love my makeup look posts, so I’m glad I can do more of them. Let me know your thoughts! Does this makeup look suits me, or I should stick to my usual simple and minimal makeup routine? I’ll link my previous makeup looks, so you can check them out for some more inspiration maybe! Let me know do you want to see something else on blog, some other makeup look or specific blog post? Thank you for reading!

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