Avon Illuminating Face pearls Review


Hello everyone! Today I have a review on product that totally changed my makeup game. Since I uploaded my Avon favorites post a lot of people asked me to talk more about their face pearls, so that’s what I’m going to do today. In case you missed my Avon favorites post, you can read it here and see all awesome affordable makeup products I love from Avon. These pearls have been part of my February favorites also, but to be honest they are favorite from every single month. Let’s start with this review.

In Avon these are a cult product I think. They offer this product for a really long time, more than 10 years. My mum uses bronzed ones that I kinda want to buy for myself as well. This product is such a value for money because you get 22 g of product. Can you believe that? That’s a lot of product so I’m sure it will last for ages. They have 4 different shades for a “bronzed” pearls and one shade available for illuminating ones. Today I’m talking about illuminating face pearls and the reasons I love them.

So they come in black plastic box that has a screw top. Inside you get different color pearls, they don’t have any particular smell. So these illuminating pearls have 3 shades of pink, all shimmery and beautiful. Let me tell you right away that these aren’t that pigmented. In case you think you can use them as a blush, I don’t think you can. You can however use them as a blush topper, which will basically mean that you add them on top of blush just to add a tiny bit more of color and glow. You might think that is complete waste of time, but it really isn’t. They do change the way your makeup looks, especially if you use them how I like to use them in my routine.


I use these pearls all over my face literally. When I finish with my makeup I like to use some sort of smaller brush. You need brush that is enough dense and fluffy at the same time. So when I finish my makeup I take the brush and go over my face using this product, almost like a setting powder if you will. I want to get Hourglass ambient lighting powder so badly, even though it is expensive, but it’s really hard to get it shipped to Bosnia. It is just so expensive, so I have to wait to go traveling somewhere and I’ll hopefully get it. So I find if I use these pearls on top of my usual setting powder I can get similar effect to Hourglass powder. You basically get that radiant, glowy skin that looks super healthy and amazing basically.

When I started using these pearls that way my friends started complimenting my skin more and more. I realized that is due to this product, because I didn’t use it this way before. It just gives beautiful healthy glow to the skin, it looks amazing you have to try it. Since then it is such a staple in my makeup routine that I can’t skip it ever.

That’s everything from me today. I hope you find this review helpful and maybe interesting. I definitely think that this is good product to have in your stash if you are obsessed with glowing skin and if you want to add radiance to your skin. Let me know did you try this product before, what do you think about it? Is it something that you would add to your everyday makeup routine? Thank you for reading.


37 thoughts on “Avon Illuminating Face pearls Review

  1. I used to have these many years ago. They are beautiful I am going to get some more Avon makeup soon x

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  2. I love these, they are such a nice product for every day makeup. I ordered some stuff also, I’ll receive it next week. xx


  3. Great post! My mom was an Avon lady for over 25 years. Avon make up was the first make up I ever used. I got my skin care habits from my mom, who always said to worsch (wash) your face before bed. I’ll have to check these out! It’s always nice to get compliments on your skin.

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  4. Same thing with me, my mom used Avon a lot, so thats when I got introduced to the brand. These give that “natural” glow to the skin, that doesn’t really look like makeup. I definitely recommend these. They are also really affordable for the amount of product you get. xx

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  5. I know, they have such a big selection of skin care, makeup, homeware, clothing and accessories. It’s really crazy how many things they offer. xx

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  6. My first foray into makeup was with Avon (as I imagine most girls was)!! I used to love perusing the catalogue and saving enough pocket money to buy an eye shadow or a lip stain! Man those were the days!! These pearls sound beautiful! x

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  7. Yeah same thing with me, I just love that excitement of waiting for your order. That’s why I sometimes order something, just to get that feeling back sometimes. xx

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  8. I use small fluffy brush, swirl it in them and literally go over my whole face. But I do two layers or forehead and my nose. It gives such a beautiful natural glow, I love it. xx

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