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Blogging tips and tricks I use to be better blogger !


Hello everyone! Let me start this post by saying that I’m not an expert by any means. I like to think that I learned some tricks over time that help me with blogging and staying true to myself. I know how hard it is to stay on track with blogging while having your personal life in full swing. It is really hard to manage time, but hopefully this post will help bloggers to get some inspiration or learn something new about blogging. This was actually highly requested post which makes me really happy, because it means that I’m doing my blogger job well. I really didn’t think I would ever do this post, but as you guys wanted to read about it, I’m glad I can do it. I feel like this is going to be pretty long post, so you know the drill, make yourself comfortable, grab something to snack on and let’s start!

This is actually really important. You need to have your personal style while blogging. Don’t try to copy others, or do something like others do. Stay true to yourself and your style. Having that personal touch to blog is really important, because it makes people want to read more and come back to blog later. A lot of people said that I have unique way of describing products and writing style that is hard to find. I find this to be an amazing compliment and it really makes me happy, because I’m not really in writing field and my mother language isn’t English, but hopefully I’m doing ok.

I learned that it’s really important to have regular uploads. Honestly guys it’s probably the most important thing. If you are not uploading regularly your blog won’t have any traffic. A lot of people asked me how I find time to get my blog posts ready for the week. I usually write blog posts at night when I’m resting, taking photos is the most time consuming. Honestly it takes me ages to take photos and edit them, my room ends up being a complete mess after. If you want separate bog post how I prepare blog posts for week and how I manage to do it quickly let me know and I’ll do it for you. Also, make sure you re upload your posts so more people can see it. This is really important if you want more people to read your posts and maybe comment on them. On wordpress it’s really easy to do this. If you don’t know how to do this you can send me a message on Instagram or on my fb page and I’ll explain to you.


I always struggled with my photography. I have really old Sony Xperia phone that is not the best for taking photos. I used it at begging of my blogger journey and never liked photos. Quality is really important when it comes to photography so investing in better camera is pretty important. If you are serious about your blog then I do recommend investing in professional camera. I like to edit my photos in Fotor that is photo editing app, it’s really simple and easy to use. I just like my photos to be bright and I like colors to be saturated and bright. I’m really happy with my photography at the moment, I kinda feel like I’m getting better at it day by day. Photography is something I would love to learn more about and it’s such a great way to express your personality and creativity. I know that cameras can be really expensive but try to save up for it, it will definitely pay off. I’m a full time student and I somehow managed to save up for nice camera. I’m not really good with money, but doesn’t matter how long it takes you to save up, the most important is to try at least.

I’m sure you know how important this is. Make sure you answer all of the comments and form some sort of relationship with your followers. It will make them feel better commenting and coming to your blog because you are friendly and nice to people. I find it really rude when I leave a comment on someone blog and they don’t even like the comment. If someone took a time of their day to leave nice comment then you should take some time to at least like that comment, even though I recommend answering. Also, I always try to answer all of the messages I get on my fb page and on my instagram, because I love to interact with you guys, it’s an amazing experience.

Would you love something bad to be associated with you? I’m sure your answer is no, then why don’t make the best content possible on your blog, because it truly represents you. I’m one of those people that needs everything perfect and in order to make myself happy. That’s why I take my time while getting my blog to look the best way possible. I’m still learning and improving of course and that’s the best way. This will sound maybe bad but I find it really weird when bloggers upload photos with bad background or messy room and you can see all of the mess. Also, dirty makeup products on photos that makes me literally sick. I just can’t deal with that, call me a perfectionist but that should not be on blog that represent you, I’m sorry!



This was never an aim to me. It still isn’t. It’s nice of course to have a lot of people that supports you and follow your work but is following really important? For me it really isn’t, I would rather have 50 people who read my posts and get some sort of inspiration from them then 500 followers that don’t even read my posts. Also, if you are a blogger who follows other blogs just to get follow back and then unfollows, seriously wtf are you doing with your life? It makes me so mad when that happens, honestly that is just RUDE. If you want me to follow you just freaking say so. I don’t find it hard to support others, in fact that makes me happy. Last night for example I had 810 followers and I woke up to 803 followers. I mean it’s really not a big deal, but you just know when someone unfollows you, it’s not that hard to realize. So please don’t do that, it won’t work, it won’t really help you and honestly it’s just lame and really doesn’t give you a good name!

That’s everything from me today. I hope I wasn’t really harsh in some of these or maybe rude. I just felt like I had to take everything out in this post, I’m that brutally honest person so no shade here! I hope you found this post helpful and maybe learn something. Let me know do you want me to make a series on this topic maybe? Also, I got some requests to do like a advice posts, where I’m going to write about some personal struggles people have or just give advices to people. I’m not sure you are into that type of content but if you are let me know and I can start doing that also.

Let me know do you have any blogging tips to add to this list? What do you find the hardest in blogging generally? Thank you so much for reading!

122 thoughts on “Blogging tips and tricks I use to be better blogger !

  1. I struggle with my photography too. Mostly because of lighting. But there is this app called ColorStory and it’s amazing!

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  2. Seems like we were reading each others blogs at the same time, lol. Great tips though. I certainly agree with having fewer yet more engaged followers than the reverse. Love your blog layout too!

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  3. We have same blog aesthetic, I like this layout even though it is super simple. I changed it few times, but went back again, just love it. xx

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