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Earth tones makeup look + 2 lip options


Hello everyone! Today I’m doing very simple makeup look, that suits all skin tones and all eye colors. This is my kind of usual makeup look, but I don’t do this every single day. It’s the look I would do if I have something fancier to do during day. Because on my usual day to day basis I don’t really wear that much makeup, I’m all about super quick and simple 5 minute routine. But sometimes it’s nice to do something a little bit prettier and nicer if you will. So let me tell you how I achieved this look!

I did moisturize before and do my skin care routine. But I also used primer, because it is really warm at the moment so I need to make sure that my makeup will last. I used Catrice primer that I did review on, you can check it here. As my foundation I used my trusty Essence PURE NUDE foundation. You guys already know how much I love this one. It’s perfect every day foundation because you don’t feel it on the skin and that is so important for me. For concealer under eyes and on any imperfections I used Essence Stay All Day 16 hrs concealer. As it is pretty warm at the moment I needed to set my makeup, so I used Artdeco fixing powder (review). I did spray my face with Avon setting spray also, just to help my makeup last as long as possible. For bronzer I used one of my favorites and that’s Artdeco bronzing powder in shade 50 (review). I did use a lot of bronzer because I’m really loving that super bronzed look at the moment. As a blush I used Essence Mosaic blush (review). I used first eye shadow from Catrice Chocolate NUDES eye shadow palette as my highlighter. I just love how this eye shadow looks on my skin tone, so I use it as a highlighter almost every single day.


For eyes, I first used second shade from Catrice Chocolate NUDES eye shadow palette as a base. Then I used third shade from same palette as a transition shade. I did add a little bit of bronzer in crease, because I like warmer shades as a crease shade. As a shade all over lid I used Essence eye shadow in shade Glow of my Life. As this eye shadow isn’t super pigmented I used it on my finger. Before adding it to my lid I sprayed my finger with some Avon setting spray, just to make it pigmented and super glowy. This is beautiful bronze shade that goes really well with my skin color and eye color. Then I did make sure everything is well blended, because that is the most important thing if you want your eye shadow to look perfect. I did use last shade from Catrice palette on my lower lash line and on my outer corners just to give some definition to the eyes. As my inner corner highlight I used same shade from Catrice palette that I used on my cheeks. I also used Avon Illuminating Face Pearls (review) all over my face just to make my skin healthy looking and glowy.

First lip color is actually Avon Matte lipstick in shade Marvelous Mocha. This one is such a beautiful brown shade, I love it. Avon Mat lipsticks are so nice, they are mat but still so comfortable to wear and they are not drying which is so important for me because my lips are super dry. Before I used that lipstick I did define my lips with Avon lip liner in shade Simply Spice. As a second lip option I decided to use coral lip shade. This one is Essence lipstick in shade Coral Calling. I do prefer the look with Avon lipstick just because I’m a fan of nude colors, but it’s nice to sometimes add a pop of color on lips.


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That’s everything from me today. I hope you liked this look. Let me know which lip color do you prefer, a safe nude option or coral pop of color? Did you try Avon matte lipsticks before? What do you think about them? Thank you so much for reading!

40 thoughts on “Earth tones makeup look + 2 lip options

  1. I love the look!! I haven’t bough anything Avon in so many years but I love both lipstick shades!! I can’t pick one. You have beautiful lips and both look really great on you! Do you have a favorite? xx

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  2. Thank you dear. My order from Avon is coming tomorrow, I didn’t get anything from them in ages literally. Currently I really love this Avon mat one, it’s so comfortable while it’s a complete mat lipstick. Also, Rimmel does amazing lipsticks. xx

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  3. Thank you. I’m also all about nude lip options, I just find them the easiest to wear, but sometimes pop of color is really fun and it totally changes the whole look. xx

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