Dove Derma Spa Goodness Silky Body Oil Review


Hello everyone! Today I’m doing another review for you all. As you know I usually like to review products that I like on the blog, because I want you guys to find only good products here to try out. This oil is part of Derma Spa range from Dove, which is absolutely amazing quality. Every single product I tried from this range is amazing, very luxurious and good quality. I already did review on tanning body lotions from this range, so I’ll link it here so you can check it out! Actually my friend recommended this product to me, because she said it is amazing, you have to try it. So I decided to try it and I really have some good things to share with you about this one!

This oil in Bosnia is a little bit expensive, I have to say it. That is the reason I didn’t want to buy it, because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for it. But I bought it 40% off, so it was an ok price. Packing is really sleek and simple. I like it. You get 150 ml of product, which isn’t a lot in my opinion, because as I said it’s quite expensive. But I really wanted to try it, so I’m not sorry that I got it. As I said the packing is nothing special but it’s pretty simple and sleek which I like.


This is basically shimmering body oil that is supposed to give you glowy and golden skin. First of all, the smell is amazing. I think that I bought it because of the scent. It’s really sensual and lady like. I feel like it has notes of jasmine in it which I really like. It’s totally ok to use it alone, when you have something special planned out, because it smells really luxurious and elegant. I feel like this product is amazing for summer parties on the beach, or summer night walks. As I said it feels really luxurious and good quality. You can really see shimmer on skin, which looks beautiful. Oil is really thick, it’s not like a regular oil. It has thicker consistency which makes this product feel a lot better on skin. It makes skin literally glow. It gives such a luxurious glow, it makes skin almost “wet” looking. It is really hard to explain it. Of course it feels amazing on skin, super moisturizing and nourishing. It leaves skin velvety soft and smooth. This is really luxury product to treat yourself with. I don’t mind giving a little bit more money for it, because it is truly awesome. It looks beautiful when you have tanned skin, so if I’m having some kind of special occasion I would use this one on top of my fresh fake tan layer. That’s literally the best combination, you look glowy, amazing and it’s that if I can say so “Bronzed Goddess” look.

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Finally, I think this product is amazing and you should have it in your stash.  If you love glowy and golden skin this is an amazing product to try. I would totally recommend it, because it blew me away with quality and overall performance. I would leave it till summer, because it is an ultimate product for summer in my opinion. Did you try this oil before? Would you like to try it? Do you use Dove products is your body care? What do you think about Dove as a brand? Thank you so much for reading and for all of support you give me!


12 thoughts on “Dove Derma Spa Goodness Silky Body Oil Review

  1. I haven’t seen this product here in Portugal yet. It might not look good on me, I’m too white. Extremely pale. May be better for bronzed skins. Amazon review, as always. Love.

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